The Womb is an extremely deep and rich topic. I could do an entire facebook/blog series dedicated to the Womb alone. I thought it would be appropriate to define the womb.

“The womb is defined as the organ in the lower body of a woman or female mammal where offspring are conceived and where they gestate before birth; the uterus.”

Why is it called the womb? A quick search indicates the etymology: from Middle English – wombe; wambe. From Old English – womb; wamb (belly, stomach, bowels, heart, hollow).

Many teachings from the Western Medical perspective define the uterus as simply an organ to carry a child. And when and if it is not going to be used, it is not necessary in the body and can easily be removed, as in the case of hysterectomy for various hormonal imbalances.

Naturopathic medicine teaches us to treat the underlying hormonal imbalances surrounding fibroids, endometriosis, heavy bleeding menstrual cycles, scanty menstrual flow, irregular menses, thyroid imbalances, adrenal imbalances, etc. The attempt is always to correct the hormones and save the Uterus should there be any imbalances.

Womb wisdom teaches us that the Womb is yes an organ to carry a fetus, yes it’s physiology can be balanced by determining what hormones need balancing. However this is simply scratching the surface to the power and wisdom of the womb.

The Uterus is approximately the size of a pear. It is not that large, however, it can cause horrific pain and distress for many women monthly; or missed cycles and irregular periods. During menopause it can be years of symptoms, long after the last flow has ceased.

The womb is deeper than it’s hormones and its physical organ function. The womb is for women is the direct portal to source energy; universal energy; god consciousness, or any word which resonates with you. It is how children are birthed, it is also how we birth ourselves and it is the direct communication to a greater spiritual connection.

The PMS state, one week to several weeks before onset of flow can include a variety of emotions including: anger, rage, sadness, irritability, grief. Or symptoms of bloating, loose bowels, constipation, irregular sleep, cramping, lower back pain, sweating, breast engorgement, etc. All of these emotions and symptoms are an opportunity and a “window” to peek into our inner world each month. Many of us are disconnected from our inner world, from our true self, from our authentic selves. This is due to generational conditioning/trauma; cultural programming; family programming; wearing masks to perform for love from our immediate caregivers and family. All of these layers result in the need for a conscious journey inward to figure out who WE REALLY are, stripped down at the core. What are our OWN wants, needs, desires, passions, purpose in life. What pain and trauma are we storing in our womb? Any pain unexplored, will also be stored in the womb. The trauma could be sexual, mental, emotional, and/or physical.

If we do not allow our authentic selves to express; if we do not address the trauma, the energy will express as symptoms and there will be a window of insight each month prior to the cycle. Many of us “don’t have time” to heed this message; nor do we have the knowing it in fact IS a message. So we pop our painkillers and keep running on with our day. The problem is, energy is never created or destroyed, it is transmuted. This unexpressed self will then manifest as symptoms.

Therefore, the goal for treatment is yes to balance the hormones, however, also explore deeper into the inner world. And ask “WHO AM I?”. If tomorrow was my last day on this earth would I be at peace with how my life unfolded? Did I live my life as the truest expression of my being? Or did I live my life for my parents? For my culture? Etc. Did I live out my passions and purpose? Was I unapologetically myself, disregarding fear of being abandoned by family and friends or did I stay contracted to keep people around me happy? Did I connect to my authentic self, unprogrammed from years of generational imprints?

This is the work of womb wisdom. It is no coincidence that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in reflexology the Heart and the Uterus are mirror points. The pains, hurts, and trauma we do not heal in heart break, can and will manifest in the uterus. Whenever I treat hormone and uterus imbalance, I will often use heart remedies.

This is a rich and deep topic, I would encourage you to take a peek into your inner world. Hormones are very difficult to balance without a trained health care professional. We at Brio can absolutely assist in this. However, I will share some tips to explore your inner world. Start to slow down. I mean really slow down your day. Learn to feel the discomfort and pain that arises in your inner world and learn to sit with the pain. If the pain is too great, you will need to seek out a professional who is trained in trauma care. Start to journal daily. Spend a minimum of ten minutes in silence daily and feel into your body. Start to incorporate conscious breathing into your day. There is no way to bypass feeling, most of us spend our life, living in our heads. You can do all the essential oils and remedies in the world, but the only way to heal is to drop so deep into the body and feel all your feelings. The uterus can not be felt from the mind, It is only felt from a deep descending into the body and feeling everything it feels. This is the birth of Womb Wisdom.

In health, Dr. Neetu