We love Wobenzyme!wobenzyme

Summer in BC is a time of enjoying the outdoors and summer activities.  During the beautiful summer months, it’s almost as if us Vancouverites are making up for 9 months of less activity, and packing in as much activity as we can for 3 month.  Understandably so, lets enjoy the sun while we can.

During this time, activities such as walking, biking, jogging, gardening, and golfing, just to name a few can all increase.  It feels great enjoy these activities.

However, at Brio, during the summer months, it is very common for us to see an influx of pain related injuries. Hence our August Newsletter has the theme of treating pain.

Woebnzyme – A Trusted Supplement

When considering additional supplements to help facilitate pain-free living, Wobenzyme is a supplement we trust. It is a proteolytic enzyme formula which, when taken between meals, helps to break down inflammatory complexes.  It is proven to be extremely helpful for joint pain and inflammation.

Wobenzyme is backed by decades of research, safe and natural ingredients, and highly effective.

Keeping in consideration our Brio Living Philosophy, Wobenzyme is often a great supplement to get us out of pain, and it’s use will not likely be long term.  Please note, it is safe and effective for long term use.  But the message I’m trying to convey is, Wobenzyme can help relieve some pain, which will buy us time to treat the underlying issue via: Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Low Level Laser therapy.  These modalities will treat the physical body, which will then break the pain cycle and assist in re-aligning the body.  At which time Wobenzyme use will begin to taper off.

Wobenzyme is our Featured Product of the Month and for August we are offering a 10% discount off each bottle purchased.