Hello, my name is Dr. Vanessa Yu, and I am so thrilled to be joining Brio as their newest associate naturopathic doctor. I have additional training in Bowen Therapy, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Visual / Classical Homeopathy. Being an evidenced-based physician is more than staying up to date on the latest research, it also means applying my clinical experience and honouring patient preferences.

It is my hope that the time patients spend with me will be an educational and empowering experience. While I will take charge as necessary, I want my patients to lead their care. I chose a career in naturopathic medicine because of the pleasure I take in helping people with conditions upon which I can have a positive effect, to enhance the quality of life of those I come in contact with.

My Approach: I believe there’s often a negative core belief at the foundation of any ailment: mental, emotional, or physical. As I see it, there are patterns of dysfunction that need to be corrected before the real healing can take place. The whole symptom picture must be acknowledged to unlock the answers, which are conveniently held in one’s own body.  We are all individuals with an interesting and unique story that has informed not only who we are but also our health status. Everyone learns and heals best in a different way, and it’s my goal to help build a custom plan that integrates well with your lifestyle. I intend to treat based on not only what I perceive as medically important but also what’s of value to you.  And it wouldn’t hurt if we had a little fun while working together!

When not at the clinic, I enjoy participating in the arts, cooking, sweating, being immersed in nature, community building, and generally pursing a zero-waste life à la mode (in every sense of the word: in fashion, braised in wine, served with ice-cream)

Fun facts about Dr. Vanessa:

1) I lived in New Brunswick for almost six years – happy to provide travel tips!

  • need to know where you can get an 18-wheeler sundae? (an 18 scoop confection that you eat with a serving spoon). I made it 83% of the way before inducing mild (stage 1) hypothermia.

2) I’ve run 5 half-marathons, including one in Allgäu, Germany jet-lagged with a plane cold through rolling cow plop fields.

  • would welcome any inspiration / tips for my first full-marathon!

3) I’ve swam in Loch Ness (Glen Coe was colder), “stormed” the Great Wall, and slept on the beach in Bull Bay, Jamaica.

  • my eyes are set on a “big” trip to Southern Europe in the next 5 years – considering Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, and Bulgaria; open to suggestions!  



1) Arbutus on Salt Spring Island

2) Cadaver Lab in Portland, OR where I spent 5 days dissecting through skin, subcutaneous tissue, bone, fascia, muscle, vessels, nerves, and viscera

3) Artist retreat in Chiusi, Italy – birthday gift to myself for a significant milestone a few years ago 😉  I was a double major in Enviro Studies and Fine Arts once upon a time

4) Baking with my cousin’s kid – food preparation can be social and rewarding in many ways dough’nt you know? – cue the cephalic phase of digestion

5) Crossing the finish line with immediate plans to grab an ice-cold beer (when in Germany) and soak my feet in the icy stream nearby

6) Blissing out after a hike in the woods with a scoop of mint chip amongst my “namesake” – Vanessa is a genus of butterfly. Cones are zero waste and tasty but cups are not 🙂

In health,
– Dr. Vanessa Yu, ND

Vanessa is currently accepting new patients, no referral necessary.

Tuesdays: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 4:00pm