Diminished libido is quite a common concern brought up by many patients, from 20’s to 60’s+.  It has so many factors contributing to why it is low, that the treatment options are different for every case.

Common reasons for low libido:

  • chronic health issue underlying.  Libido will diminish as the body is simply trying to conserve energy to try and heal itself.
  • Underlying hormone imbalances that could be long standing, or could have a sudden onset after major life transitions such as childbirth or menopause or retirement for men.
  • Certain pharmaceuticals prescribed by your medical doctor can have a dampening affect on libido and erectile function.  (Birth Control Pills; antidepressants; Blood Pressure meds, just to name a few)
  • Poor diet, and underlying food sensitivities can play a major roll in diminished libido.
  • One of the most common reasons I see, with a practice primarily made up of women, is suppressed anger and/or resentment.  Issues may be long standing for example: job dissatisfaction; overloaded with work in the house; primary childcare and house manager; unsaid issues between the spouses.  When patients feel it is easier to ‘shove’ the issues down, versus have open communication, the libido can be the first to be affected.

Natural Remedies for Improved Libido

  1. Tribulus:  It is a herb that works to increase testosterone production in the body.  Tribulus will increase libido for men and women.  The catch is the quality of the herb.  Tribulus, when in its proper form, is by nature an expensive herb.  If you purchase a lower quality Tribulus that appears to be more cost friendly.  It likely will not work to increase testosterone levels.  The one we carry in the clinic is a Bulgarian Tribulus, consisting of the roots, which has the active component.  Many commonly found brands, come from China and contain mostly the stems and leaves.  To increase libido the active component is found in the roots, not and a much smaller amount in the stems and leaves.
  2. Maca Powder:  We do not carry this at Brio, but many health food stores do.  Including the health food aisle at Save-On-Foods.  “MacaSure” is a great brand, and one that I recommend often.  Maca is also used to increase libido and tread the adrenal glands.  Maca root is known to balance estrogen and progesterone levels for women; it increase erectile function in men, due to the L-Arginine properties of Maca.  It is apparently known as “natures own Viagra”.
  3. Cortisol Balancing:  Cortisol is the the stress  hormone.  Being that we live in North America, with so much on our plates…imbalance of cortisol is what I see most often in my practice.  If the cortisol is in excess in the body, it can throw off the sex hormones.  If the cortisol is depleted and too low, it can deplete the sex hormones.  We want it to be in a perfect balance.  Balancing cortisol is key to a healthy libido.   What causes high cortisol?  Chronic pain; chronic inflammation; chronic stress, mental or emotional; underlying food sensitivities; just to name a few of the major reasons.  Generally requires the support of a Naturopathic Doctor, as it can get complicated. Many overlapping reasons can occur all at once!

Decrease daily stress; allow for time for self care and self nurturing; be sure to include 70-80% cocoa dark chocolate in your libido routine.  It helps boost the love hormones!