Bowen Therapy is a unique hands on treatment, using NO needles and NO machines.  It is NOT massage, it is NOT acupressure, and it is NOT lymphatic drainage.  However, Bowen is a treatment that can treat a huge list of pain conditions treated via massage and acupressure.  Bowen is also a treatment that really stimulates lymphatic movement, without being lymph massage.  With cold and flu season just about here, it is very important to keep the immune system high.  The lymph nodes are what get swollen when we get sick.  Most commonly down the neck.  The Bowen technique can increase your immune system by moving lymph and getting bacteria/fungus/viruses out of the system fast.  Increase the immune system and protect yourself from colds and flu’s with Bowen therapy.  A simple and easy way to rev up your protection against viruses and bacteria.