Hello Brio Family!

As of May 19th, the Provincial Health Order has been lifted and according to Phase 2 we are given the green light to re-open. We wanted to send out an email to keep everyone up to date on our thoughts and plans in the next few days ahead.

We are so eager and excited to re-open, however, we as a clinic have decided to take an extra week or two in order to have all safety precautions in order, while we once again open to Brio patients and the general public. Also during this time we are taking extra effort to solidify clinic procedures and scheduling in order to have the safest reopening possible. Keep your eyes peeled for an early June 2020 open date.

As we re-open, there are several things to consider:

1. If you are feeling unwell, be it a cough, or fever or sniffles, please listen to your body – take extra precaution and remain at home. This is to prevent any potential spread of Covid-19 to our Doctors, staff and patients.

2. If you have just returned home from travel, please reschedule your Acupuncture/Bowen/Laser/IV appointment, and take time to rest for 14 days. We are excited to see you and hear about your trip, and will happily find you a new appointment slot after two weeks. Alternatively, for return Naturopathic Consults, we will simply switch your appointment to a telemedicine appointment and arrange for a safe doorside pick up of remedies or a mail out. Easy!

3. One of the most effective precautions, always remember to wash hands before and after our visits.

4. During our re-opening, we will have to enforce social distancing and still very much encourage continuing with Telemedicine appointments for all Naturopathic consults. We will also be booking in-clinic patients at staggered time slots. Please email at Briohealth@yourbriohealth.com or call the front desk to arrange for whatever appointment suits your needs. 604-271-9355.

5. As we reopen for bodywork (Acupuncture, Massage, Bowen, Laser), appointments times and days will be staggered. We are ensuring all massage tables and headrests are wiped down with medical-grade Cavi wipes pre and post bodywork treatments. If anyone is familiar with Cavi wipes, they will kill a host of viruses and bacteria. It is a medical grade sanitizer, the label even includes ‘Corona Virus’ (please note it does not specifically state Covid-19 on the container, as this is a strain of Corona Virus)

6. This is standard Brio protocol, however, we want to reiterate that after each patient has completed their body work visit (Massage, Acupuncture. Bowen, Laser, IV), the linens are promptly removed; then the massage table is sanitized, and fresh linen to redress the table. All linen is and always has been sent out for laundry.

7. We are wiping down front desk surfaces; POS machines, seats and door handles with disinfectants every hour on the hour. We have plexiglass installed at front reception.

8. We have replaced all water and tea cups with disposable paper cups.

This has been an interesting 8 weeks to say the least, but one thing is certain, the heart of Brio and this beautiful community is strong, and we are so excited to have you all back at the clinic. We cannot wait for Brio to be once again filled with laughter, joy, human connection and healing.

In health, the Brio Team.

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