Here are the top 5 ways you’re sabotaging your ability to conceive and simple things to do to stop now.

Fertility is a hot topic these days as up to 16% of Canadian couples experience problems with their fertility in their lifetimes. Natural fertility quickly declines in women over the age of 35 and men over 40. If you’re trying to conceive there’s no reason to sabotage your own fertility further with things you’re doing on a daily basis.

1 – Coveting crop tops. On trend or fertility faux pas?

We’re seeing cropped shirts, sweatshirts and even jackets all over the place but wearing them while you’re trying to conceive or even to regulate your menstrual cycle you’re unconsciously exposing your abdomen and low back could be harming you more than you ever thought a piece of clothing could! The reason is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concept of Cold getting into the body through a frequently uncovered area, which stops the flow of the vital energy called Qi and nutrient rich Blood in the reproductive organs, hampering the opportunity for a strong, healthy cycle and warm hospitable womb for the baby to grow in.

*** BONUS TIP: Keep your feet covered and warm for the same reason. Hot foot soaks work well too. Since channels that have direct connections to reproduction run from your feet to your reproductive area we want to be mindful of inviting unwelcome Cold into the uterus and causing infertility.

2 – Eating and drinking cold, iced or raw foods and beverages.

Similar to the concept described above about Cold entering the body, cold, iced, raw foods are not easily digested and are overly burdensome on the body to metabolize. I know, I know, it’snot the most popular opinion with summer coming when we’re all wanting to indulge in iced, cold-brewed coffee 3 times a day, but trust me taking all that cold in isn’t going to make it easy, or possible for a baby to get on board when your digestion is off and your warming Yang energy is low.

3 – Having sex all the time.

You read that correctly. Too much sex can backfire on your Trying to Conceive (TTC) dreams, and since women can only get pregnant for about 6 days per month there is no need to over do it and let the intimacy and pleasure descend into a chore. A huge factor is sperm count, so if your partner is frequently releasing sperm his body may be playing catch up creating sperm, reducing the quality and quantity of this half of the work which just doesn’t sound fair! Also, if you’re having sex too frequently in the hopes of “more is better” consider strategizing when you’re going to have sex so that you don’t get bored or frustrated with all the love making, especially if you’ve been trying for a long while.

The most efficient way to get pregnant is to have sex during the 5 days before ovulation and even better of your can pin down the 2 day window before ovulation. So you’ll have to check fertility signs such as Basal Body Temperature (BBT) as well as cervical mucus consistency for 3 to 6 months in advance of conception to get a baseline picture of your cycle as well as to determine if you actually ovulate and go from there.

4 – Heavy workouts.

Finally some good news! Switch up your routine to include moderate activity such as walking, yoga, pilates and weight training. Work out earlier in the day, ideally before noon when Qi is high and avoid working out in the evening
when Qi is in natural decline. If you’re at a healthy body weight there’s no need to be in a fat burning state because many of our hormones are made in body fat and we don’t need to flush them out when trying to conceive.

5 – Living in the state of lack.

This is a tricky one for many of us because being open to receiving might subconsciously mean for us that we are not enough or do not have enough. Enough love, enough space for a new being in our lives, enough support, enough passion and connection, enough time… Sounds like a list of shoulda-woulda-couldas and that’s not how we want to live. The cure is to cultivate a receptive gratitude practice which will allow you to attract the outcome you’re most
desiring – in this case a happy, healthy baby. Try opening up to compliments, shared stories, shared grief, shared coping strategies and even hugs from trustworthy people close to you and in no time you’ll see the abundance rolling in. Use daily affirmations such as “I am fully open and receptive to blessed miracles in every wonderful way. Thank you!”

I hope some of those are easy-peasy changes to make even if a few are tougher. Stick with it and reach out to me any time for more strategies and pro tips to help you get pregnant and have your best pregnancy.

With Love,

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