Farewell to Brio from Andrea and Dannah

August 24th, 2023|0 Comments

From Andrea

Thank you Brio – Farewell

It was really important for me to take the time to thank Brio for the wonderful experience of being part of such an amazing clinic and to also say my goodbyes.

Right front the start of meeting Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff I knew I was where I was meant to be. In 2021 I joined Brio Integrative Health Centre and was given a wonderful opportunity to pursue my passion of helping people with Bowen Therapy while also being a new mother and figuring out how to balance work and home life. When I fell pregnant again in 2022, Brio continued to support me and help me stay comfortable while practicing what I love.

Thank you so much Brio for the wonderful laughs, connection, and experience of being in one of the best health clinics out there. To have been surrounded by such a wonderful team of like minded practitioners who all shared the same vision for healing and wellness was a blessing. As I say my goodbyes I know that there will be a bright future for everyone who was part of the team and I look forward to continuing Bowen Therapy once back from maternity leave in a new space where all the love and genuine care for client health can continue to flourish.

With infinite love, light and gratitude,

Andrea Sandoval, CBT


From Dannah,

Dear Brio,

I was a first time mom when I started working with Brio and I’ve been dealing with post partum depression as every mother does, and Brio became my comfort and helped me overcome this hardest part of my life. Honestly, it is where I gain my confidence back, with the help and mentorship of my colleagues I was slowly getting myself back together without even noticing that some part of myself had been gone. Everyday I am excited to work because I am not only working for my baby, but I was also learning a lot of different knowledge with the diverse cultures that we have on Brio. I only did not learn new things I also learn to blossom on my own, I can say that I become more professional, not just that I gain new knowledge but I also found new friends which I will cherish forever.

It was such an amazing journey becoming part of your family, It was just 2 years since I started working with Brio but it feels like I’ve been working for all those 15 years that Brio existed. I would like to genuinely give thanks to all the part of Brio family specially Dr. Jeff and Dr. Neetu for giving me an opportunity to work with them and also to our dear patients who gives so much meaning for us to work hard.

This is not the end, there’s no goodbyes, and Brio family will still be here to support each other and also to support our dear patients that’s why for the new opportunity we are taking we hope that everyone will still going to be with us and support us. We look forward to the new beginnings ahead of us!

Cheers Brio to all those amazing years!