Thank you for all who joined us for the documentary “That Vitamin Movie” during our Naturopathic Medicine Week National Campaign.

Here are some highlights from the movie:movie night

Dr. Lee

He really liked the interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD. She specializes in psychiatry and has seen some radical changes in patients mental and emotional health when they go on a 30 day organic diet and add key nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, B vitamins and Vitamin D. Dr. Kelly Brogan is the author of A Mind of Your Own: The Truth about Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim their Lives.


Dr. Carin

Loved seeing that experts from all areas of medicine are recognizing the need for nutritional medicine to treat many of our most common and serious health conditions –  from Alzheimers to ADHD. Helen Saul Case summed it up when she said “I’m not against medicine. But I’m against taking it, if there’s a better way, a healthier way. And… there is.”


Dr. Neetu

I always love to watch and often encourage others to watch documentaries on health, it is another route of delivering a message which we often echo here at Brio.  Sometimes it takes hearing something a certain way to finally have that “a-ha”, or at the very least, offer different perspective for a topic as big as health.  The documentary states that health is a 3 TRILLION dollar industry.  They also reiterate that Medical Schools receive a lot of money from Pharmaceutical Companies which increases the influence of their education.  The movie states that “modern medicine” creates a commodity of having disease and symptoms.  In other words, a healthy population does not make the Pharmaceutical Industry money.

An alternative approach to health, a Natural approach, a Physical treatment often responds to high dose vitamins and minerals, with tremendous effects on immunity and well being.  An alternative approach also often leads to a healthier population.  This may eventually lead to less money for the 3 Trillion dollar industry, this is not a desired effect.
If a documentary triggers a patient to simply question a diagnosis, seek for alternatives approaches, and researching your own health, this is a huge win!  I feel this documentary did a great job at sending a gentle message to ask patients to look at the bigger picture.  Often the picture includes vitamins AND a few key pharmaceuticals, hopefully for temporary use until the root cause of illness is addressed.