Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our 10-Year anniversary on earlier this month. We are so incredibly grateful to our loyal patients, friends, and family for helping make the past 10 years of Brio possible.

A special message from Dr. Neetu:

“I am so overwhelmed by the love we received from patients new and past and friends and family. Seeing everyone come to Brio to spend time with us for the Expo was beyond touching. Brio is such a special clinic, and we have a fabulous team, we work just as hard on our foundation and “roots” of the clinic, as we do for patients each and every day.

Having patients participate in the filling their passport cards with stamps; watching the videos in each Pavilion and also being so involved with each of the speakers, it was so incredible to witness. Not to mention the delicious food and sweet cookies. I could not have envisioned a more perfect way to celebrate 10 years. Thank you to our tireless Brio team, and thank you to all of our amazing patients who attended and those who shared written memories to make Highway ’18 such a special look back.  Thank you everyone for sharing in our celebration of 10 years.  It was so fun to look back and share with everyone, how we began via written blogs, share fun facts about us, and the Expo itself.  Looking forward to what the next 10 years bring”

A special message from Dr. Jeff:

“Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us and for writing those touching testimonials for our Highway ’18. I was overwhelmed with gratitude seeing a full house of people coming out to support and celebrate with us. I have been very fortunate working with wonderful patients and a fantastic team at Brio over the past 10 years and I’m looking forward to many more years. “

All the best,

The Brio Team