Eating Out with Dr. Carin: A Guide to Healthy (and Delicious!) Food in Seattle – PART TWO

2020-05-11T20:53:00-07:00By |Health Tips|

Just in case you haven't seen it already, click here to check out PART ONE of the series. Kamonegi (in the artsy Freemont neighborhood of Seattle, north of downtown) When you think of Japanese cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sushi, immediately followed by ramen. Kamonegi goes its own way and [...]

Eating Out with Dr. Carin: A Guide to Healthy (and Delicious!) Food in Seattle – PART ONE

2020-05-11T20:53:00-07:00By |Health Tips|

I love learning about food: learning about how nutrients work together; how we build relationships with ourselves and others around food; how digestion works with microbes and our circadian rhythms. I’m always looking for ways to put what I learn into practice in my own life. In my experience preparing most meals at home is [...]

Liver Loving Salad

2018-03-16T09:55:05-07:00By |Recipes|

Spring is the long awaited time of transitioning from cold winter to warm spring. The days are getting longer and warmer! We are gardening, flowers are blooming, local produce is booming. Spring brings a sense of renewal and new life all around. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say spring is the time of the liver. [...]

Easy Energy Bites!

2018-01-26T10:57:06-07:00By |Recipes|

  With our fast pace lifestyles, it’s only becoming more apparent the importance of meal planning and organization. I love a good easy to prepare snack! I made these this week and found them convenient for snacking or an easy breakfast option when time is limited. Enjoy! Kyra, RHN   Ingredients 1/2 cup creamy seed of nut [...]

Healthy Living 101-starting January 2018!

2017-10-26T12:25:05-07:00By |Events|

This program cannot be compared to other nutrition programs on the market as it follows the Naturopathic philosophies of health. From diet to lifestyle this program will enhance your day to day life! We have been running Healthy Living 101 since 2012 and it has been the missing piece that our attendee's have craved. In this confusing world of diets and must-do's and must-not-do's we are [...]


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