The Unexpected Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

2021-03-19T19:00:07-07:00By |Dr Carin, Events|

Epsom salt baths are popular for soothing sore muscles. Many weekend warriors and desk job-workers have experienced the benefits of taking a warm epsom salt bath. But soaking in epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, has benefits beyond relieving achy muscles. Today I’ll highlight 3 of my favourite benefits and exactly how to take an epsom [...]

Part 6: Building Restorative Sleep

2020-08-04T19:45:53-07:00By |Applying the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Series, Dr Jeff, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Sleep problems are one of the most common health complaints we see at Brio. If you are having problems falling asleep or staying asleep, you are missing out on the most crucial factor in building energy, immunity and health! The process below will help you dive deeper into your search for the root cause of [...]

Enhance nightly sleep during times of quarantine

2020-06-17T13:44:49-07:00By |Dr Neetu, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

How to enhance sleep during the time of self-quarantine. Sleep is of the utmost importance during the time of keeping our immune system high; our nervous system regulated, and our entire system detoxifying efficiently is one of the most effective measures against pending viruses, bacteria, colds and flus. Remember it’s not just what supplements [...]

What’s a Normal Period and Is There Really A Connection with the Moon?

2020-05-31T19:26:32-07:00By |Dr Vanessa, Health|

*Note: hormonal forms of birth control (contraception) such as pills, certain IUDs, implants, injections, vaginal rings, and skin patches can change your cycles: timing, length, and flow.   A woman’s period, especially a natural menstrual cycle*, can give a lot of information about her overall health. Some ancient cultures believed that female hormones mimic the waxing [...]

Invisible pollution: Being aware of electromagnetic radiation

2018-03-02T11:44:19-07:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Invisible pollution is referring to Electromagnetic Radiation. EMR is summarized as the electronic pollution, which we can’t see with the naked eye. EMR comes from, anything that is plugged in: TV’s, lamps, techie gadgets, microwaves, toaster, kettle; cell phones; wireless internet; lap tops etc. As indicated in the book Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman, our bodies are [...]

What to expect for this Cold and Flu Season

2016-11-18T11:03:57-07:00By |Health Tips|

Several reports have predicted this season’s flu strain to be particularly severe.  Deciding whether to have a flu shot is a personal decision but sometimes a controversial one, as experts don’t always agree on the effectiveness of these vaccines* (see below for an article citing new research on the long-term effects of annual flu vaccinations). [...]


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