Meditation: Why We Should and How to Get Started

2020-06-13T12:45:27-07:00By |Dr Vanessa, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Humans naturally have a high level of consciousness; however, it tends to be clouded by our thoughts. “You are what you think. Your mental projection is the highest projection in existence in the human body. Nothing comes from outside” - Yogi Bhajan Mastering your “Monkey Mind” Meditation is mastery of your mind and breathing [...]

Part 5: Boosting Brain Power

2020-08-04T19:59:25-07:00By |Applying the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Series, Dr Jeff, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Many of us fear mental decline as we age. We worry about memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Have hope, because exciting research in the area of neuroscience can help us delay and even prevent mental decline. In today’s video, I am excited to share with you many ways to improve mental clarity, mental sharpness [...]


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