Heart Health & Why It Matters

2018-01-12T07:00:25-07:00By |Health Tips|

The heart organ is one of the most awe-inspiring creations of nature. There is about 5 liters of blood in the body but the heart effectively pumps over 6000 liters of blood per day. And, with only minimal care for the most part, the organ pumps continuously for 80+ years. There’s no equivalent man-made pump [...]

Life events that shaped my career path

2017-07-14T10:56:35-07:00By |Brio News|

What a great start to the Brio Heritage Series!  I enjoyed reading Dr. Neetu and Dr. Carin’s stories about how their families have impacted their health journeys and their decision to become Naturopathic Doctors.  Like them, different life experiences and events influenced my path to becoming a physician.  My story begins with the serious health [...]


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