IBS 101: Building a Strong Gut

2020-05-30T00:13:16-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Good health starts with great gut health. I don’t remember when I started to have stomach aches every day. My digestive symptoms started gradually and then became daily, and then turned into seasonal allergies and later into “allergies” all-year-round. Only later did I realize that what I was eating (and how I was eating) was [...]

Dr. Carin – Optimized Meal Planning Part 2: Everyday Tools to Transform Health

2020-05-30T00:11:42-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Today I’m going to talk about how you can cook and eat healthier using 3 tips to make cooking proteins and starches more automatic, easy and fun. This is Part 2 of this series, Part 1 was about prepping vegetables. Here’s a quick summary of Part 1. Optimized Meal Planning Part 1: Prepare vegetables ahead [...]

Meal Prep Part 1: Everyday Tools to Transform Health

2020-05-31T19:33:21-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

I’m excited to kick off this new series focusing on super practical tips for healthy living. How we cook has a huge impact on how we eat. So how can we eat more veggies, cook something different every day and spend less time cooking? I grew up being physically active and eating home cooked [...]

Dr. Carin – Dairy Free Foods for Strong Bones

2020-05-11T20:53:00-07:00By |Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Spending more time at home during the quarantine period has given me a chance to experiment with new versions of familiar dishes and try out new recipes from those old cookbooks we’ve had on the shelf for years. Today, I’ll be sharing my favourite bone healthy foods - I hope you get some ideas [...]

Part 1: Building Your Immune System

2022-03-24T19:23:22-07:00By |Applying the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Series, Dr Jeff, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Building Your Immune System Building Your Immune System is the first in my series on applying the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to enhance your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that there is a holistic balance between all the different organ systems is vital for health. Over the next 6 weeks, I want [...]

What is Dr. Jeff eating & what supplements is he taking to Boost his Immune System?

2022-03-24T19:23:22-07:00By |Dr Jeff, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

During this stressful and uncertain time, it’s understandable that you may be craving some comfort foods - like sugar and junk food. Dr. Jeff shares his instinct to fall back on some bad habits during this time. However, he encourages us all to check in with ourselves and process our emotions. Dr. Jeff reminds us [...]

Eating Out with Dr. Carin: A Guide to Healthy (and Delicious!) Food in Seattle – PART TWO

2020-05-11T20:53:00-07:00By |Health Tips|

Just in case you haven't seen it already, click here to check out PART ONE of the series. Kamonegi (in the artsy Freemont neighborhood of Seattle, north of downtown) When you think of Japanese cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sushi, immediately followed by ramen. Kamonegi goes its own way and [...]

Eating Out with Dr. Carin: A Guide to Healthy (and Delicious!) Food in Seattle – PART ONE

2020-05-11T20:53:00-07:00By |Health Tips|

I love learning about food: learning about how nutrients work together; how we build relationships with ourselves and others around food; how digestion works with microbes and our circadian rhythms. I’m always looking for ways to put what I learn into practice in my own life. In my experience preparing most meals at home is [...]


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