Adding Acupuncture to Your Cold & Flu Survival Kit

2017-12-08T10:18:34-07:00By |Health Tips|

You’ve probably noticed (or experienced!) that cold and flu season is in full swing. In fact, many people have already been sick multiple times this season! A lot of people know that acupuncture benefits back and neck pain, joint injury, and muscle tension. However, did you know, that many patients find acupuncture beneficial in supporting [...]

Watch this CBC presentation on Low Level Laser Therapy & Brain Injuries

2020-07-22T06:25:45-07:00By |Brio News, Events|

As Dario and I have been preparing for our Concussion & Low Level Laser Therapy Talk on November 3rd, the media has been buzzing a lot about concussions and brain injuries. In early October, Sydney Crosby  suffered yet another concussion during a practice. He delayed playing a full game until he was 100% ready, which many athletes [...]

Rediscovering our Anchor: How to Handle Stress During the Holidays

2016-09-08T12:21:56-07:00By |Health Tips|

Back-to-school, back to extracurricular activities, back to rush-hour traffic and shorter days; add in tricky family dynamics and the turkey coma of Thanksgiving and the tension can quickly pile up. Understanding our yin/yang balance shows us how holiday events make many of us feel overwhelmed and stressed – and what we can do to find [...]

Dr. Jeffrey Lee Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary in Practice!

2020-05-31T22:01:48-07:00By |Brio News, Dr Jeff, Health Tips|

Congratulations, Dr. Lee!  July 2016 marks his 10 year anniversary as a Naturopathic Physician and Registered Acupuncturist in Richmond.   To celebrate Dr. Lee's anniversary, Kyra and Laura asked him a few questions about his practice and what advice he has for those looking to improve their health. As you look back on the last [...]

That Vitamin Movie: Highlights and top questions answered

2016-06-09T14:33:49-07:00By |Events|

Thank you for all who joined us for the documentary "That Vitamin Movie" during our Naturopathic Medicine Week National Campaign. Here are some highlights from the movie: Dr. Lee He really liked the interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD. She specializes in psychiatry and has seen some radical changes in patients mental and emotional health [...]


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