Living in today’s world we are constantly being pushed and pulled in many different directions. Whether we are experiencing discomfort on a physical level or emotional pain from the stress we carry, one thing remains certain and that is the need for rest, repair and rebalancing.

Bowen Therapy is a wonderful tool to be added into ones essential health kit and used for a wide range of symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, neck and shoulder tension, jaw clenching, stomach complaints, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, emotional distress, tiredness and fatigue.

One of the primary ways Bowen Therapy works for stress is how it directly impacts the fight or flight response. Inside of us all there is an innate source of healing redirecting us back to our original blueprint of health. When we are able to be in the parasympathetic state (rest, repair, digest mode) of the nervous system as opposed to the sympathetic state (stress) a whole body healing response is achieved.

Bowen Therapy, being the non-invasive modality it is, works powerfully yet gently in bringing all aspects of our many structures and bodily systems back into alignment. We no longer have to be in survival mode but use the mechanisms of self healing to get back on track.

Bowen Therapy is extremely calming and restorative. Clients usually fall into a very deeply relaxed state and sometimes even fall asleep. When the session is over they often say they’ve felt a huge weight lifted off of them and they have a reduction in pain, also feeling more refreshed and energized.

If you are looking for a way to destress, consider keeping Bowen Therapy as a helpful resource for maintaining overall health and wellness. It is a great form of bodywork, safe enough for everyone to benefit from.

-Andrea Sandoval, CBT