Why the Name “Brio”?

Here’s a little bit of trivia for our longtime patients. Did you know that we had a name before Brio? Does anyone know what the original name was?

When we agreed to move forward to open a clinic, Dr. Lee had mentioned he had a clinic name registered and a logo to match. Long story short, Dr. Lee felt all due diligence was completed to register the name.  When we opened the clinic it was the name used. However, as we started growing as a business, we noticed that when new patients googled our clinic they would find ANOTHER acupuncturist in Vancouver. We were completely unaware of this other clinic because to our knowledge the business was approved by the BC Registry.garden growing health

One night, we received a message on our voicemail from a doctor from this other clinic asking us to change our name immediately, since he already had an established practice and clientele under this name. We were confused as to how the process got approved—however, the voicemail was pretty entertaining and there we were back to the drawing board.

Dr.  Jeff and Dr. Neetu and a few trusted advisors sat and went through an exercise of mind mapping words we used to explain our philosophy of practice.  Several words were cherry picked of the bunch and then put into a thesaurus.  A page of names came up.  And Dr. Jeff’s close friend and advisor suggested the best name from the list he had compiled.  We were unsure.  This was a big decision and we were wasting time waffling with the different options.  One day Dr. Jeff explained to Dr. Neetu he saw the name on a license plate and she said boom. This is a sign, this is it.  And so what was previously “Wellspring” became Brio Integrative Health Centre.

Brio’s meaning is defined by: spirited; active; alive. This is vibrational medicine; treating with frequency medicine; treating at the cellular level medicine.  It was perfect.  Our logo also mimics the action of energy moving.


From Us To You

We’ve been alluding to our 10 Years celebration for a while now. If you’ve stopped by the clinic you may have seen our “Brio Memories” container. You may have seen some of the fun facts about the Brio staff on Instagram.

We’re pleased to finally be able to share more details with you about Brio’s 10-Year Expo!

​​When: Saturday, June 2nd 2018

Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (2 sessions, morning & afternoon)

Where: The Brio Clinic

Why: To celebrate Brio’s 10 years of serving the Richmond community. We will be hosting “Brio’s 10-Year Expo”, an open house where patients, friends, and family can come together and look back on their memories with Brio.  Our theme is inspired by the epic celebration of Expo ’86.  Expo, as many of us recall, was such an exciting time for Vancouver.  This 10 year celebration is such an exciting time for Brio!

With the influence of Expo we are transforming Brio into a variety of Pavilions and upon entering, each member will be given a “Passport.”  Upon entering each pavilion and receiving a stamped – a completed passport card will be entered to win a variety of incredible prizes.  Each Pavilion will be a time to chat with the Brio Team, ask questions, and hang out.  There will be refreshments, giveaways, short talks, and much more!  Both ​patients and non-patients are welcome.


Visit  tinyurl.com/rsvpbrio or send us an email!  We look forward to seeing you there!
​- The Brio Team​  #Brioexpo2018