Invisible pollution is referring to Electromagnetic Radiation.

EMR is summarized as the electronic pollution, which we can’t see with the naked eye. EMR comes from, anything that is plugged in: TV’s, lamps, techie gadgets, microwaves, toaster, kettle; cell phones; wireless internet; lap tops etc.

As indicated in the book Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman, our bodies are made up of billions if not trillions of frequencies. The frequencies are expressed in our cells, organs and tissues, which are constantly communicating with each other and with the outside world.  The body is essentially run by an organic computer (our brain) by emitting our own electricity.  Every time the body feels hunger; movement; pain; happiness; the heart beat and breath. Each and every function of the body is via our own electrical impulses.

What does this mean? We are wired to respond to electromagnetic forces, and when the body is overwhelmed by electromagnetic forces from our outer environment, these unnatural frequencies, for some people, can result in body stress and illness. Camilla Rees, founder of links EMR to illnesses such as:  cancers, ADD, sleep disorders, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, hormone imbalance, cardiovascular irregularity, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, unexplained fatigue, stress, infertility, and many others.

In the book Zapped, a tally of electronics that were found in your parents or grandparents homes, was compared to a tally of the number found in our modern day homes.  Adding up electronics found in each bedroom; bathroom; family/living room; kitchen – the grandparents home would typically have a tally of 15 items in all rooms combined. The modern day home, a tally of all the rooms combined would have a staggering jump in items to 192.

Take a bit of time to add up how many electronics are found in your home, each room, anything that is plugged into the wall.  Think of how many of these items you personally use in one typical day.  Alarming isn’t it.  Consider how many items our children and toddlers use in our own homes and at school.

How does this increase in EMR affect how we feel, what is the connection?  The author says, we are getting Zapped every second of every 24 hour day.  Should the cells of our body get overwhelmed by messages from inside and outside the body, if the outside exposure is greater than the internal, it can lead to a disruption in how our cells communicate with each other.

This can set the stage for the above mentioned illnesses or diseases.

Absorption of EMR can result in an increase in: brain hyperactivity; free radicals in our cells – quickening the cellular aging process; they can decrease serotonin and melatonin production, resulting in an increase of depression and lack of sleep; and cellular DNA can be damaged.  The body is comprised of 75 percent water; as we all know, whether it is our own electrical frequencies or external sources, water conducts electricity.  If exposure proves to be toxic to a sensitive individual, EMR has an ample pool for conduction.

How can we protect ourselves in this modern world?

Probiotics: including a high quality probiotic into your daily routine will help support the gut.  Enhancing the digestive system enhances the body’s barrier to EMR.

Detoxify: certain foods and supplements will help detoxify the cells.  Beets, Dandelion teas or tinctures, lemon juice and water, kale, milk thistle herbal tincture, alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin D to name a few.  Of course we can’t overlook the importance of water to flush out the kidneys.

Reduce EMR’s in the bedroom: Especially important in the bedroom.  Do not use a plug in alarm clock, or a cell phone as an alarm clock.  Look for the old wind up clocks.  If two lamps sit on either of your night stands, unplug them both prior to bed.  Remove TV’s and electronic games from the bedroom.    Replace cordless phones with a corded land line.  The recharger stand is always giving off EMR’s.  Keep lap tops/computers and cell phones as far away from the body as possible while you sleep.  Laptops should never rest on laps.  Imagine the amount of EMR’s directly affecting the reproductive organs.  The ability to properly regenerate and heal while you sleep is one of the best protectors against EMR’s.

Start with the smallest changes.  Note symptom changes in the overall household.  How does everyone feel one, two weeks after changes are made?



Dr. Neetu Dhiman