It has been claimed that there are seven doctors: Air; exercise; water; rest; healthy food, laughter and you guessed it, The SUN.

The Sun truly is one of our greatest healer. Healthy exposure to the sun has innumerable healing and protective benefits. When the sun comes out, generally there is a natural elevation in mood, energy and vitality. A natural desire to be outside in nature. We want to gather with friends and family in the sun. We want to share meals in the sun. In general us humans have a pull to vacation where there is tropical sun; we wake to catch sunrises; we drive to find perfect sunsets. We take part in yoga and Sun Salutations. We knowingly or unknowingly are by and large, sun worshippers. And rightly so! It is one of our Seven Doctors you know 🙂

Over the past 20 years The Sun has been vilified and we have been sold stories explaining dangers of the sun’s rays. We have been told to protect ourselves; slather ourselves with toxin riddled sunscreens; avoid the sun; make sure to cover up. We have been told we are doing this to protect ourselves from certain cancers and risk of damaging our skin from the dangerous ultraviolet rays.

We have been told that sunscreen is a must. And a high spf to be very certain we are protected. The problem is, commercial sunscreen is highly toxic. And considering, the skin is a huge organ and we absorb more from our skin that we do from our gut, toxic sunscreen is a major health concern. Commercial sunscreen is so toxic, it is killing coral reef in the oceans. It is so toxic it is band from certain natural land marks, such as entering Cenotes in Mexico as it is toxic for the water and can harm the limestone. If it is so disruptive to nature, can you imagine what it does to us?

Three Healing Benefits of the Sun:

Vitamin D: Did you know Vitamin D is actually a hormone? Did you know Vitamin D is naturally produced in the body. It is produced when Ultraviolet rays from the sun hit our skin. A previtamin D3 is released and the body begins the cascade to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D has multiple benefits, it is a fat soluble vitamin, and the body will produce adequate amounts with sun exposure to the skin. Vitamin D helps boost the body’s immune system. It helps build strong bones. It is preventative for cancer; blood sugar imbalance; autoimmune disease; liver issues, etc. Now back to commercial sunscreen. It is now blocking ultraviolet radiation of our skin and our Vitamin D levels are diminishing. Through dark winter months our Vit D will not be released. However, we are now also blocking it in the summer. My suggestion is to practice SAFE sun exposure. My suggestion is to go into the sun, expose as much of your skin as possible for a few minutes; then go back inside, and apply a natural sunscreen and go back out for the day. If your skin is extremely pale and you burn very easy, try at least 30 seconds exposure of the skin without protection and then run back in and apply a natural sunscreen for the day. That little bit of exposure will be your Vitamin D hit for the day. If you have darker skin, play around with it to see when you require natural sunscreen; how long can you safely expose your skin before requiring it. The goal for any skin type is to prevent the burn and heal cycle. Companies are now aware of the need for Vitamin D. So we are being told to pay and buy sunscreen; block the sun; and then pay and buy Vitamin D. All of which would be free, with safe exposure to the sun. But companies can’t make money off the healing benefits of the sun can they.
Immune booster: I once read a stat, stating that 20 minutes of sun exposure releases over 200 anti-bacterial; and anti-viral components in our body. The sun again boosts Vitamin D release and is essential for a highly tuned immune system to ward of illness and disease. Years ago as I was researching the Autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis, there was a study that indicated an extremely low occurrence with countries along the equator. However, the further from the equator, the less sun, and the higher the incidence of M.S. Sun exposure is highly regulating to the immune system and lowers risk of autoimmune disease.
Circadian Rhythm: Our nightly sleep routine is set the moment we wake up. The sunrise sets up our sleep-wake cycle. Many traditional cultures have less exposure to the amount of artificial light and electricity we have here in North America. These cultures will sleep soon after the sunsets and wake with the sunrise. Our bodies are intended to follow this natural rhythm even today. Many cultures will wake and expose their eyes to sunlight first thing in the morning. THIS sets us up for high quality sleep at night. Gazing at the sun in the morning affects our Pineal gland and stops the production of Melatonin, to wake us up. As the evening approaches, melatonin will release, two hours after closing our eyes. As melatonin peaks at night, it allows for deeper restorative and protective sleep. In the morning again the cycle begins. We are intended to wake with the sunrise and allow the sun to hit our eyes as we wake. This sets our sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm for the day.

I hope this gives a bit more insight into the healing benefits of the sun. Likely a very different story than what we have been sold. However, always follow the smoke. When one of our 7 essential doctors is vilified, it is because it is free, and then follow the trail. Who profits from convincing us nature is damaging to our health; what products take its place.

Please practice safe sun exposure; figure out what works best for you. And if you have commercial sunscreens, discard them. Here are a few suggestions for natural sunscreens. If there is enough interest, we can do a bulk order at Brio. Please give us a call and let us know! 604.271.9355

In health,
Dr. Neetu

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