You’re probably heard that too much typing on the keyboard causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Although typing may contribute to the pain and numbness of CTS, the exact cause is still heavily debated among professionals in the medical field. All we know for sure is that it hurts – unless your wrist, hands, and/or fingers are numb… then you won’t feel anything. This is not good.

The carpal tunnel is a small pathway in the wrist that has nerves and tendons running through it. When these nerves and tendons get compressed and inflamed, pain or numbness can result. Until recently, surgery was pretty much the only long-lasting cure.

There are many different ways to treat CTS. Prevention is of course the best, but it can be difficult for those who work with their hands all day. Repetitive movements with the hands are a common cause of CTS so it’s important to try and switch up the movements whenever possible.


Well, sort of… I wish this would be the ultimate cure, but it isn’t – yet. It’s just one potential remedy that we’ve had great success with in terms of treating CTS. At Brio, our treatment of choice for CTS is Low Level Laser Therapy. Although the word “laser” conjures up images of high-powered beams of light that can cut through metal, this type of laser is low-powered and set at a level that is optimal for cell healing and regeneration. In short, laser therapy can decrease pain, reduce swelling, improve circulation, and regenerate damaged nerve tissue.

In addition to laser, Dr. Lee is also a fully licensed acupuncturist. He has seen great results when combining these two treatments together.

Contact us at the clinic to see if laser therapy is right for you. We would love to help you get rid of your pain.