Wishing all of our patients, friends, and family of Brio a wonderful new year. Here are some thoughts from the Brio staff reflecting on the past year, and looking ahead to 2020.

2019 – Wow, I don’t know how to actually put into words and summarize this past year, it literally felt like such a blur.  It was fast and furious, but an organized and methodical unfolding in every area of my life; within the clinic, personally and within my own deepening of my healing and spiritual evolution.  The beginning of the year began with a deep dedication of many hours to a special project that is near and dear to my heart.  Much of my own health journey has been to feel safe to be “seen.”  This project was a true test of this evolution.  It was many years in the making, took many years of inner work to arrive at the point of launching this project and I look forward to sharing it with the Brio Family this New Year.  In the Spring, to recover from this giving of tremendous energy, I went to Tulum, Mexico and spent a magical two weeks with a soul-sister, swimming in the Ocean and powerful Cenotes and being replenished by the sun.  The remainder of the year was focused on Brio growth and expansion of the team.  My wish for 2020 is a “clearer” vision.  I wish to step into a more powerful version of my potential as a person and practitioner.  This takes courage, and self-love.  2020 is just the perfect time.  Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, and it is just such an honour to be part of each and every one of your health journey’s.  Being a witness to our patients dedication to healing inspires me every single day.  Cheers to 2020!

– Dr. Neetu Dhiman

Did 2019 zoom by for you like it did for me?

As I look back on 2019, the word that keeps coming to my mind is:  Growth.   There was growth in my clinical knowledge as I was studying with the Carrick Institute in a year long functional neurology course.  There was growth at the Brio Clinic as we added Nadeja and Dr. Vanessa to our team.  There was personal growth, as I developed a rhythm of praying and meditating every morning.  However, the growth that impacted me the most this year was volunteering my time as a youth group leader.  It stretched me in many different ways and helping develop the potential in these youth was quite amazing.

I am looking forward to 2020.  My biggest goal is to learn how to use technology to inspire healthy change in more people.

– Dr. Jeffrey Lee

It’s at this time of year when I contemplate the growing years that I’ve spent with my Brio family, I can count the time by the yearly Christmas party adventures we get into, like the night out at the Cirque du Soleil, or the time we made stacks of burritos to feed the homeless, or just the times we hung out playing games and telling stories at Neetu’s place. I feel that the trust we have developed amongst ourselves is forwarded on to the care we do for our patients. This has been another great year working at Brio and I’m looking forward to another one in 2020!

– Linda McLaren

After literal decades in school, I emerged as a naturopathic physician in 2019. This involved saying goodbye to the odd jobs that supported me through my education and getting comfortable making some “power moves”.  In the new year, I plan to face my fear of social media, so you will be hearing more from me very soon!

– Vanessa Yu

In 2019, we explored scenic BC towns and I expanded my knowledge in the subject of body toxicity and microbe balance.
  • Ucluelet honeymoon in January: We were prepared for storm watching but ended up with warm sunny weather! We couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous rugged landscape, particularly the breathtaking Wild Pacific trail – we’re already planning our next trip there.
  • Conference in March: I loved learning about tests for invasive yeast and mold; detox function, antioxidant and B vitamin levels, mitochondria function (how well we make energy!) and oxalates (a cause of body pain and kidney stones). It’s been exciting uncovering chronic issues with this test!
  • Northern Vancouver Island Celebration in September: We had the privilege of joining our friends’ 50th anniversary celebration in beautiful Alert Bay. Vibrant First Nations culture and super friendly town surrounded by tons of westcoast natural beauty. I still can’t get over the views while we were out fishing.
In 2020, I’m looking forward to a deep dive study of liver/bile impact on energy, detox and digestion. At home, I will continue to find ways to avoid extra toxicity from food and household products.
Wishing you the best in 2020!
– Dr. Carin