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Do you ever find yourself attending a social gathering with family or friends and enjoying a fun filled evening with delicious food and drinks, only to come home and feel bloated, puffy, suddenly looking as if there is a seven month baby growing in your belly. The next morning energy feels lower, a bit sluggish, hands and feet may even feel puffier. The common knee jerk reaction is to get out of bed to the weight scale and note that you have indeed gained “five pounds” due to that evening of going out.

It is well known that the scale is a highly inaccurate measure of fat gain, however it does give us information and trends if and when used correctly, with a grounded and level head. When used with the correct mindset, it can be a very valuable tool!  When a five pound increase is seen on the scale in the morning, the assumption is that it is obviously fat gain. One night of eating and a direct correlation to fat gain. Well I can assure you this is not fat gain, this is impossible physiology. There might be an increased number value on the scale, but it does not equate to fat gain. I would interpret this information as inflammation. There is water retention because the body is in an acutely inflamed state from the night prior. One of my favorite sayings I learned in Naturopathic Medicine College is: “The solution to pollution is dilution.” 

This saying is stating that when the body is inflamed, and the chemical cascade that ensues in the body as a result of the inflammation, must be diluted and therefore there is a water retention. Hence the bloating, the stomach distention, the puffy hands, face and feet, and then we have the scale number rising to confirm this assumption of inflammation.

We have been taught that increasing metabolism to result in weight loss is only a calorie game. It is all a result of calories in and calories out; it does not matter the quality of the food. This is one part of the equation. One of the most overlooked aspects of increasing metabolism is inflammation. What does an ankle do when it is sprained? It puffs up to protect itself.  Inflammation is a protection mechanism. This will occur with a daily imbalance in our diet and circadian rhythm as well. Inflammation and weight gain can for some, be a body protection mechanism due to dysregulated hormones.  
The root of all health issues originates with some level of inflammation, body irritation and cellular stress. In the case of metabolism, weight gain is often linked to inflammation and dysregulation of hormones.  

  • Chronic low grade inflammation can be the start of resistance of the Hormone Insulin leading to weight gain.
  • Inflammation in the body can lead to resistance of Leptin Hormone which confuses the brain signals that tell you if you are hungry or full, and when you are full and to stop eating. It is responsible for a fast or slow metabolism.
  • Disconnection of our circadian rhythm causes inflammation, translation sleeping late, not connecting to nature, spending long days inside under artificial light.
  • Certain foods can be highly inflammatory. Learning your sensitivities is crucial to managing inflammation.
  • High levels of stress, inability to manage emotions, lack of movement, all can contribute to inflammation. Many often find the more we move, the less a particular food may feel sensitive.  

All of these factors are interconnected. Determining your individual inflammation level and origins is often the key to unlocking Metabolic Fire. This is when all the hard work and dedication to health pays off.

If tackling inflammation seems like a daunting task, I have a solution for you. Join me in my new FREE 5 Day Challenge where we will go through an anti-inflammatory task each day. I will walk you through this step-by-step, and all the while you will have the support of a free facebook group. Within these 5 Days, I will show you how to take your power back and reset your Metabolism.

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