The goal for flu prevention should start now, in your own home.  Begin by enhancing the immune system with a few easy steps.  We are subject to thousands of viruses, and bacteria daily.  The human immune system is programmed to protect us.  There is not one magic bullet that will protect every one of us from the flu virus; it is our responsibility to take a pro-active role.

Step 1 – Probiotics:  80% of the immune system is in the Digestive tract.  It is known as Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT).  Healthy gut flora/bacteria will enhance GALT and strengthen the Immune system.  Purchase a high quality brand, I would recommend is Udo’s.

Step 2 – L-Glutamine:  This is an amino acid that is fuel for the small intestine.  It helps to repair and build.  Again, keeping the gut healthy stimulates GALT and enhances 80% of your body’s defense.  I would recommend again to invest in high quality perhaps one used by body builders.  Have a look at Popeye’s Supplements.  4000mg per day for the average adult.

Step 3 – Eliminate Refined Sugar:  According to Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, “The Immune System Cure,” one teaspoon of sugar can depress your immune system for up to six hours, leaving you vulnerable to attack from viruses and bacteria.  This includes white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, fruit juices and artificial sweeteners.  It is important to check labels.  As a family, try an experiment; keep a tally of one day’s consumption of sugar.  I think it will be a bit alarming.  One teaspoon equals 5 grams of sugar.  For example, an average chocolate bar has 5 teaspoons of sugar; a can of pop 7 teaspoons of sugar; an energy drink can have up to 13 tsp of sugar.  Those are the obvious culprits.  The ingredients are generally listed in order of amount.  If sugar is the second ingredient, it should be a warning sign.  Look for sugar hidden in sauces, cereals, baked goods, multigrain bars, blended coffee drinks etc.

The goal should be to simplify the diet.  Include as many vegetables as possible, include daily fresh fruits, legumes, whole grains, meats, and take one extra step to make homemade sauces.

Step 4 – Exercise, Vitamin D:  Try to get outside a minimum of three times per week, even in the rain.  Exercise reduces stress, which will enhance the immune system.  Stress has a destructive impact on the immune system.  Vitamin D also enhances the immune system; another worthwhile supplement for the flu season.  Find a good quality brand without dye’s, colors, fillers or sweeteners.  1000 I.U. per day for the average adult.

Step 5 – Warming Socks treatment, Hygiene:  Hydrotherapy is a treatment using alternating water temperatures to increase the immune system.  Frequent hand washing, staying at home on sick days will all play a part in decreasing the spread of the virus.

In the days leading up to the flu season, there is lots of work to do.  Plenty can be done to prepare our bodies for the upcoming flu season.  With all the preparation,  if struck with the flu, the result will be a faster, uncomplicated recovery.  Contact your health care provider for all emergencies.  Knowledge can reduce the fear and kick-start action.