Wow, the growth at Brio did not slow down as 2019 was coming to a close.  I will say however, that this decade ended with fervor!  This new and exciting energy has carried on right into the start of 2020.  It is always excited to Brio take baby steps towards growth and lean into the growing pains that accompany these tiny steps forward.
Jan 6th began with huge excitement.  A project that I have been working on for over 12 months and began recording Jan, 2019, was finally launched.  There were many hours of love and dedication poured into this course, and my hope and wish is that it received with equal love and dedication.  The dedication is to ourselves and our own transformation.
We launched a passion project, “Mastering Your Metabolism!”  This is a 12-week online course, taking my nearly 20 clinical years of nutrition knowledge and putting it all into a course.  Each week delving deep into one topic.  There are many layers to transforming one’s metabolism and often it is a daunting and overwhelming goal to achieve.  The reason for the twelve weekly topics is a gentle layering process.  Each week there is a new task to master.  One by one, by the end of 12 weeks there is a process and guidelines to masterfully transform your metabolism.
The results include:  weight loss; less overall inflammation; normalizing of blood sugar and thyroid levels; boundless energy; improved sleep; a freedom and healthy relationship with food and food choices.  And most importantly, a root level transformation of our subconscious ingrained patterns and self soothing deeper emotional states via the use of food.  Often EXTERNAL food is then the main focus, but the freedom lies when we focus our attention INTERNAL and examine the why.
The program includes 12 weeks of guided videos.  12 interactive workbooks. 12 live question and Answer sessions.  A private Facebook group.  The support of a collective like minded community of Metabolism Masters.  And the sessions begin as a group.  We go through each week together.
It has been a challenge, a labour of love and SO exciting for me to learn this new world of technology.  If anyone knows me, I know nothing about technology, but I’m learning fast.  It’s been a fascinating ride!
Keep an eye out for our other online programs.  There will be more in the future.  It is a great way to zero in on a specific concern, and as a group, transform together.  There is power in a group collective.
Happy New Year Brio Family!
In health, Dr. Neetu