A participant in one of our past Weight Loss Rehab workshop had this to say about their experience on Weight Loss Rehab. 

I have struggled with my weight my whole life.   I’ve been on countless diets.  Some I’ve had success with while on the diet only to gain back all the weight lost and then some once off  the diet.  

Right from the first meeting – I knew this would be different. Calling this a diet does the program a disservice.   I call the program nutrition coaching.  I have learned what foods are good and why.  What nutrition my body needs at different times.   This program gives you the tools you need to be healthy for the rest of your life.   You don’t feel like you are dieting.  

You feel like you are investing in your self – your health. The classes are fun.  The information presented in a format that makes sense.  The hand outs are fantastic reference tools.  And the staff is positive, encouraging and extremely well informed.  

I am so passionate about this program and would recommend it to anyone.  Not just to those who like me needs to lose excess weight – but anyone who wants to feel better and healthier.   



To learn more about this workshop, we will be doing a free information session on Wednesday February 4th  to promote our Thursday night group starting in February.

Information Session:  

Date: Wednesday February 4 at 6 pm. Call Kyra to sign up or click HERE to reserve a seat.