This is not goodbye!
Big changes ahead for all of us at Brio.

If you have been receiving and reading any correspondence from Brio Integrated Health Centre, you might be aware that there are some big changes ahead. The Brio family is moving away from each other but not too far. We still plan to communicate and collaborate as before. As you may know, I will be moving into the next office space with Dr. Neetu just a few more steps down the hall from our current clinic.

I can literally just wheel my massage table on over and set up shop!

So, this doesn’t feel like goodbye to Brio but hello to a new dynamic of the core team that I have worked with for the last ten years!
Although, when I look back, Brio has always been evolving; new faces often greeted our patients at the front desk, but were always made to feel part of the team and were often included in after work meetings and holiday get togethers. That was the nature of working at Brio, everyone coming from different walks of life but we all got along.

I remember fondly the very first Christmas party as the newest member of the Brio family ten years ago, and all the subsequent parties where we played games, ate delicious healthy food, swapped presents… even spent one night with the Cirque du Soleil! Even COVID couldn’t dampen our spirits, we continued to have fun via Zoom.

One of the greatest aspects about Brio is that it’s a multidisciplinary clinic with a mission statement aiming to get to the root of our patient’s health. The concept of “ weeding, feeding, and flourishing” really hit home with me as an avid gardener.
I know we will each take a piece of what made Brio a success and hold onto it and keep that ember burning bright into our endeavours into the future.