From Ashley and Rav,

As we sat down and began writing this letter, we were met with a mixture of emotions that words can hardly capture. It’s difficult to talk about the good times, when you have never truly experienced the bad. At one point in time, we were both proudly calling Brio our second home.

From the second we walked through those doors, Rav, 5 years ago and Ashley, 3, we were welcomed into a community of unwavering support. To say that Brio helped shape who we have become today would be an understatement.

The memories and connections that are forged within these walls will be something we will hold dear to us for the rest of our lives. We often reminisce about our fondest times – creating gift boxes, posting content on social media, and engaging with our wonderful patients. Dr. Neetu always says, “healing begins right as you enter the front door”, and we will be forever grateful for the opportunity to make even the smallest difference in someone’s life.

While it is heartbreaking to see this chapter come to an end, Brio will live on and continue to resonate in the lives it has touched. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone at Brio and our patients, for truly making these years unforgettable. While our paths may diverge, the bonds we’ve formed remain unbreakable.

Thank you for being our clinic family. We wish each and everyone of you joy, success, and continued opportunities to make a positive difference in the world.

“Though it’s goodbye, it’s not the end”.

With heartfelt farewells,

Rav & Ashley

From Dario,

 Well it is time to say goodbye…NOT! Yes, Brio is closing at the end of the month and yes I don’t have a place right now to continue the treatment that I have been doing but I will share with you where I am going to be as soon as possible. PROMISE! 

There is so much I want to say to all the Brio patients that I’ve treated and basically its THANK YOU! Thanks for your smile. Thanks for listening to me… And I hope you got more from me than just the treatment. Treatment is important but its the conversation that I had with you that’s more important and you know on an individual basis what that is. And I should say thank you to Dr. Neetu, Dr Jeff , Linda, and Dr Carin and all the receptionists right from the beginning (there’s to many of you to list). THANKS! Oh, one more thing…EARTH!!