I love learning about food: learning about how nutrients work together; how we build relationships with ourselves and others around food; how digestion works with microbes and our circadian rhythms. I’m always looking for ways to put what I learn into practice in my own life. In my experience preparing most meals at home is the most sustainable way to optimize nutrition, however, eating out can also be a fun way to gain new ideas on healthy eating.

The US has a reputation for large portions of unhealthy foods but Washington also has a lot of tasty and healthy food options. I regularly visit my husband in the Seattle area and he loves to eat out. Over time we’ve visited a few restaurants that have become my favourites. Here are a few places you might enjoy on your next weekend trip across the border. I hope this helps you experience more of Seattle while enjoying high quality foods that work with your health goals.

Revolve Food & Wine (Bothell) 

The city of Bothell is an older city that sits just north of Seattle and Bellevue and is currently experiencing a bit of a renewal. Nestled downtown in an area called “Old Bothell” is Revolve, a restaurant that feels like it was made for us.  Opened by a local chiropractor who experienced 70 pounds of weight loss when she changed the way she ate, the entire menu is free of gluten, grains, MSG, preservatives, trans fats, refined sugar, emulsifiers, GMO and soy. The ingredients used are all of the highest quality: wild seafood, organic eggs, grass fed beef, and seasonal organic vegetables. You can tell the owner has a real passion for food, wellness, and wine.


There’s a fun bar selection including organic wines, a lot of house made cocktails and mocktails with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. You can also order a mug of bone broth. No, they don’t have Coke or Pepsi here. 

The entire menu is Celiac safe and is perfect for those who are gluten/grain free (like Paleo diets) and those looking for quality whole food and low-carb options.

Pictured here from a recent visit are scallops, grass fed steak & fall vegetables, and a unique almond flour focaccia bread with olive oil and balsamic reduction.


I hope you enjoyed these photos– keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the series next week!

In health,
Dr. Carin