In early June me my wife and 2 year old daughter went strawberry picking at Emma Lea farms in Westham Island in Delta. It was a perfect day and I, like usual, take off my shirt and I absorb all that sun as possible up to a certain point of course but what I find interesting I was the only one with no top on and also the only one bare feet!! And I enjoyed it every single minute!

Now you’re thinking what does barefoot and wearing no top has to do with strawberry picking? Everything!

First off the vitamin D that I absorb has huge benefits but more importantly the VITAMIN G! G is for Grounding or Earthing. Walking barefoot has many benefits including better sleep, reduce the inflammation and pain throughout the whole body and basically makes you feel grounded to the earth.

You see when you are walking with your shoes or sandals you are actually insulated from the earth which means you don’t get enough electrons (antioxidants) and instead get the protons (prooxidant which is inflammation) and with inflammation you usually have some sort of pain, or swelling, (knee, back, shoulder,) lack of sleep, etc. and earthing has the opposite effect: better sleep, no pain, no swelling, etc. Its amazing what Earthing can do! Its just so simple: take your shoes and socks off and Earth!

So when you’re outside make sure you get at least 30 minutes of Earthing or “vitamin G”. Now you’re wondering what happens in the winter time when it rains or is cold. Well that’s easy.  There is a company called Earthing Canada which provides products so that you can Earth indoors.  They have small sheets all the way up to bedding sheets! So you can sleep while Earthing! So connect with the Earth, close your eyes and contemplate what it means to Earth….

Dr. Dario DiMeo