Dr.Neetu's Naturopathic Tip: 

Did you know your skin absorbs more than your digestive system?  The skin is considered a “third kidney”.    Meaning whatever chemicals you put on your skin in the form of mosquito repellent or sunscreen are more highly absorbed than a food you may consume.  These chemicals will enter the blood stream and are toxins for the body and liver.  Opt for natural sunscreens or look for alternatives bug repellents such as Solverome our product feature of the month.  Look at the ingredients of what you put on your skin.  Only if it’s good enough to eat…is it good enough to put on your skin!  Look for key ingredients such as shea butter, virgin coconut oil – which have natural sunscreen and UV ray protection and citronella essential oil – is a scent known for it’s anti-mosquito properties.




Product Features of the Month: 

Solvarome is a natural, non-toxic, insect repellent and it can be used to ward off mosquitoes, black flies, ticks and lice. Solvarome is indicated for scratches, cuts, insect bites, head lice, scabies, first-degree burns and sunburns; and for skin rashes related to infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, herpes, chicken pox and measles. Use on the skin, solvarome contains a unique combination of synergistic essential oils especially selected for their antiseptic, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, anagesic and deodorizing effects on skin wounds and skin irritations. Call to Brio to place an order today. Solvarome is a special order product.