Back to school is a time of routine and for some the routine and structure is welcome, for others it places quite the underlying stress on the body.  Stress can account for up to 95% of disease.  Often we are so busy in our day to day lives that the stress does not even register until we feel it as a symptom.  Possibly anxiety; lack of sleep; constant worry; muscle tension.  All these are a small list of symptoms felt when we are unaware we are stressed.  When we are stressed and lacking in sleep, our judgement is altered we make poor food choices and often weight gain is a common side effect. 

The Bowen technique is a quick and easy way to break that stress cycle.  The body does not actually like to be stressed.  Stress affects every aspect of your day.  Often it can feel like walking through quick-sand to get through another day.  The bowen technique, being quite different than massage or any other treatment, can re-set the body to relax and let go of muscle tension.  Results are long lasting.  Often in one to three visits, the body is re-programmed to let go of stress.  Resulting in more energy, easier and sounder sleep, easier to wake and overall finding daily tasks easy to complete.  As simple as one to three treatments, and you can be re-programmed for the new school year.