The Western/Allopathic/Modern Medicine Model is a model of disease management or symptom management. This management could range from traumatic life threatening treatments, and surgeries, to minute daily symptom management. Either way, by no means is a treatment model to dive into the root cause origin of the symptoms; looking at the deep energetic imbalance of the vital force for the particular individual. It is a model of discussing the symptoms; how they are affecting your life; looking at lab tests and a pharmaceutical to treat the symptom. The one pill or several pills to treat the symptom presentation. The pill could be to manage blood sugar; treat the thyroid; suppress inflammation; treat the lungs; suppress a skin eruption; induce sleep; stabilize mood, treat an infection etc. You get the picture. The magic bullet model has now become our expectation for health. We are frustrated by it because we know it doesn’t actually enhance our long-term vitality and well-being, but we also want health to be a quick fix.

The Western/Allopathic/Modern Medicine model is not at all equipped nor included in its philosophy of care deep rooted treatment leading towards reversal of disease and cure. It is all based on symptom management. Yet daily hundreds of patients file through medical doctors offices in hopes of cure and prevention. This model is not set up for this type of care. It is a symptom management model. Can symptoms be managed for the rest of one’s life? Yes! Absolutely, but their treatment was not root level prevention and treatment towards cure.

Now with the general public aware of alternative therapies and access to vitamins and supplements and mass amounts of information via the world wide web; people are becoming weary of potential side effects of pharmaceutical medications and are now often looking for “safer” natural alternatives. People want to swap an anti-depressant for St. John’s Wort. They want to swap their thyroid medications for Kelp tablets; they want to swap their iron supplement for a natural iron supplement, and so on. What people are doing is no better for their health. They are simply swapping one “magic bullet” for a potential “natural magic bullet”. They are trying to now adopt supplements and overlay them on the philosophy of the symptom management allopathic model. This is analogous to taking a giant gaping wound and covering it up with a natural poultice instead of a bandaid. If the cover up of the symptom is pharmaceutical or natural, it makes really no difference; let’s be very clear, this is simply symptom management. Sure it’s possible that the supplement has less side effects, however, it’s not helping the overall health and vitality, this is applying the Western Disease Model with “natural” supplements. We cannot have it both ways. We cannot have a magic bullet cure and swap out a pharmaceutical for a supplement and expect any great change.

Health food stores selling supplements are ALL based on the disease management model. They have different categories of symptoms and all the supplements underneath that will “treat” that category. There really is no treatment, these supplements are managing symptoms.

The Naturopathic Philosophy of care is a system of treatment older than Western Medicine, and the goal is to assess every part of a person’s life. If there is a disease; a pathology; a diagnosis; a symptom, there is an exploration into the person’s entire health history from current to childhood to birth; to parents health history; sleep routine; diet; digestion; mood; hormones; pharmaceuticals; ages of treatments; trauma; generational trauma; relationships; fear state; ego identity; inner child wounding. Treatment of the subtle bodies and exploring the vital force of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body. Once these are explored, a treatment plan is put into place to start to peel back the layers of imbalance and thus embark on a journey to restore the root imbalance of the body; to restore the vital force natural to the body. This treatment often will take months to years. There is no race to the finish line, it is enjoying the journey back to yourself; back to your heart.

There is NO possible way one supplement can restore any balance. It is simply not possible. One supplement to treat a tiny tip of the iceberg, and leaving the entire mass under the water unexplored. This is attempting to use supplements as in managing the disease model. It is not in the arena of Naturopathic Care. This is still Western medicine, do not be fooled. Others may refer to it as “Green Allopathy” (Allopathy: Treatment of disease by conventional means ie. with drugs OR supplements having opposite effects to the symptoms)

Western Allopathy vs. Naturopathy are two entirely separate entities. We can’t have it both ways. Swapping supplements for drugs will not increase vitality, this is a romanticized version of healing. Doing the deep, often difficult work to heal via Naturopathy is a journey of Mastery and time and dedication to peeling back deep layers of imbalance. There is no magic bullet supplement.

Can you swap out a pharmaceutical drug for a natural supplement and expect deep healing? NO; this is the point. This is the trap of magic bullet symptom cures using supplements.

Can you be on medications or supplements to manage symptoms while embarking on a Naturopathic journey? YES absolutely, and it is often the case and the treatments work incredibly well together.

In health, Dr. Neetu