Low energy affects millions of people daily.  Chinese medicine has a unique appreciation for energy.  Energy is our LIFE FORCE. It is called Qi, and the quality of a person’s Qi defines how they feel.   A disease in TCM is a result of the Qi not flowing.  They call this a blockage or “stagnation”.  Therefore, when you keep your energy flowing, you will enjoy fantastic health.

Recap from Last Week: https://yourbriohealth.ca/detoxify-your-body/

Part 3: Detoxify Your Body  -Applying the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

  1. Detoxify with Herbal Teas – Ginger, Chrysanthemum flower
  2. Move Lymphatics:  movement & hydration
  3. Purify the Air in your home with plants.

Energy- Level Health Assessment

  1. Do you use Coffee or energy drinks to keep you going during the day?
  2. Do you find it hard to keep up with your friends during social activities?
  3. In the last year, have you fallen asleep at your desk or commuting home on the bus/skytrain?
  4. Do you feel mildly depressed even when things are going well?
  5. Do you often get 7 or more hours of sleep a night, but wake up un-refreshed?
  6. Do you feel physically weak when you engage in minimal activities? Like walking a block or carrying groceries from your car to the kitchen?
  7. Is it hard for you to find time to exercise in your busy schedule?
  8. Are you having weight issues?
  9. Are you stuck at a desk for hours on end?
  10. Do your days feel long, and when you get home you crash and aren’t able to enjoy any activities?

How did you score?

  1. If you answered YES to 3 of these questions, then your risk is MILD
  2. If you answered YES to 4 to 7 of these questions, then your risk is MODERATE
  3. If you answered YES to 8 or more of the questions, then your risk is SEVERE

What is your reaction to this Health Assessment?

What area would you like to improve on this upcoming week?

Having LOW energy is the MOST Common question that I get in my Naturopathic practice.
There isn’t a one size fits all answer.

  1. Could it be lack of Nutrients
  2. Could it be a Food Sensitivity?
  3. Could it be Anemia or Iron Deficiency
  4. Could it be an absorption issue?
  5. Could it be due to toxicity in the body?

There are so many Causes for Low Energy.

In my clinical observation, the Main Cause of low energy is the Stress from our Modern Day Fast Paced culture, combined with the lack of nutrients from our diet.
Coping with Stress takes a lot of energy

How does Chinese Medicine view ENERGY?

  1. Energy equals Quality of Life
  2. Qi refers to the life Force.  The Level and Quality of your Qi, defines how you feel
  3. Different types of Qi:
    1. Gu Qi
    2. Wei Qi
    3. Jing Qi
  4. Chinese Medicine has effective ways of boosting and maintaining QI for thousands of years:
    1. Acupressure
    2. Exercises
    3. Superfoods
    4. Herbs
    5. Dietary Supplements

What are 3 practical things I can do to improve my energy?

  1. Ginseng & Gynostemma
    1. King of energy Tonics
    2. Different from Coffee, as caffeine stimulates the  Nervous System, Ginseng gently builds energy
    3. Adaptogen:  Supports immune system
    4. Convenient to take:  Capsules, Root, Tea, powder
    5. Traditionally Steamed with Rice –  Brown Rice has so many nutrients and antioxidants. (over 70)
    6. Gynostemma:  Chinese Immortality Herb:  Anti Aging
      1. Increase strength and endurance.
      2. Builds ATP
      3. Increases strength and endurance (used by athletes in parts of the world)
  2. Acupressure Points to Energize the Body
    1. Kid 1:  Gushing Spring:  Great Vitality Point.
      1. Use your heel to rub that point for 3 to 5min.
    2. GB 20
      1. Use your thumb to Rub for 2 minutes
      2. Located at the base of the skull, about 1 thumb width next to your spine on both sides.
    3. LI 4: Headache point:  Brings Energy to the head
  3. Mitochondria
    1. Energy Factories that are inside each of our cells.
      1. They generate ATP (energy source for the body)
      2. Dependant on good nutrition (vitamins, minerals, macronutrients)
    2. Down side: The by- product of our energy production is called Oxidative Stress
      1. Production of Free Radicals
      2. This can damage the Mitochondria and other cells.
      3. Antioxidants to the rescue!  (Vitamin C, Glutathione)
    3. Our Built in Antioxidants in our bodies are now TOO overwhelmed due to:
      1. Sugar and Highly processed foods
      2. Toxic Load
      3. Lack of exercise
    4. In order for us to protect the Mitochondria, we need to apply all the health tips we learned over the past 4 weeks:
      1. Part 1:  Immunity:  Adaptogen Herbs,  Multi Colored Foods, Rich in Antioxidants
      2. Part 2:  Supporting Mental Health:  lowering stress, Finding things that provide Joy
      3. Part 3:  Detoxification;  moving Lymphatic System, Air purification.

I hope these TIPS are helpful.   Please pick 1 health tip to focus on per week, and let’s transform our health together over the next 6 weeks

Please Join me WEEKLY as I am launching this 6 part series on APPLYING the WISDOM of Chinese Medicine to enhance your Health

In health,
Dr. Jeffrey Lee
Naturopathic Physician & Registered Acupuncturist

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