Chimichurri green sauce is the perfect combination of delicious, convenient and nutritious.

Dr. Carin shows you how to whip up a healthy delicious Chimichurri green sauce. This combination allows you to easily enjoy more nutrient-packed herbs throughout your week – benefiting your health, your taste buds – and your wallet. It only takes a few simple steps to make this versatile green sauce with ingredients you already have on hand.

Quick Boost of Flavour
I’ve heard that chimichurri sauce is a standard condiment in Argentina (I hope to verify this one day!) It’s acidic, bitter, aromatic and slightly spicy making it a perfect complement to steak, fish, chicken, potatoes and more. It also has a beautiful bright green colour and can easily be adjusted to your flavour preference.

Parsley Packs an Antioxidant Punch
Parsley is well-known as a garnish and palette cleanser but it is an underappreciated superfood. It’s rich with vitamin K, iron, magnesium and potassium and has antioxidants like vitamin C and PQQ that protect and support energy production by our cells. The volatile oils of parsley serve as a digestive aid and may also be protective against cancer as it helps to prevent DNA damage.

Cilantro for Detox and Digestion
Cilantro also has impressive health benefits. It’s high in vitamin K and antioxidants that help to protect our cells from the damage of inflammation. Cilantro is often used to detoxify heavy metals from the body. For thousands of years, cilantro has been used to settle digestive upset as well – a perfect combination especially with spicy foods. If you’re looking to boost your antioxidant intake, fresh green herbs like parsley and cilantro are perfect.

Chimichurri green sauce uses humble everyday ingredients to make a super nutrient-charged sauce. It whips up in a few minutes and, with a couple spoons added to your meals, it can add flavour and healthy benefits all week. What’s your favourite way to eat chimichurri sauce?