3 (Hidden) Everyday Causes of Heavy Periods & Perimenopause Symptoms

2022-02-25T00:11:33-07:00By |Brio Health Clinic, Dr Carin, Wellness|

Heavy periods, breast tenderness and moodiness with cycles are so common in our 30 and 40s that we often brush it off as a necessary inconvenience. Yet these symptoms impact the quality of our everyday lives. What’s worse, these symptoms may indicate an increased risk of cancer and chronic disease. [...]

Reduce Breast Pain and Balance Hormones

2021-09-21T20:09:55-07:00By |Brio Health Clinic, Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips|

Experiencing breast pain and soreness? Does it come and go with your cycles? Are you having breast pain for 2, 5, 7+ days before your period? Is the discomfort affecting exercise or sleep? You’re not alone! This is one of the most common symptoms my patients experience. Why is this happening? Where does it come [...]

The Unexpected Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

2021-03-19T19:00:07-07:00By |Dr Carin, Events|

Epsom salt baths are popular for soothing sore muscles. Many weekend warriors and desk job-workers have experienced the benefits of taking a warm epsom salt bath. But soaking in epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, has benefits beyond relieving achy muscles. Today I’ll highlight 3 of my favourite benefits and exactly how to take an epsom [...]

Histamine Intolerance Part 2: How to Rebalance the System “Allergies” All Year Round

2020-10-13T16:38:17-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Histamine intolerance reflects a hypervigilant and overprotective state of our body. Although it can mimic allergies, histamine intolerance can develop or worsen due to chronic stress, estrogen dominance and gut imbalances. Other triggers like certain foods, acute stress and temperature changes can further “fill the bucket” until finally the bucket “overflows” and symptoms appear. [...]

Histamine Intolerance Part 1: 3 Common Causes to “Allergies” All Year Round

2020-10-13T16:31:55-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Do you get skin flushing or indigestion after alcohol or other foods? Do you feel worse after eating “healthy” fermented foods? Do you get headaches, nasal congestion, anxiety especially after eating? You may have histamine intolerance. Although most people are familiar with gluten and lactose intolerance, histamine intolerance tends to fly under the radar. [...]

3 Signs that Stress Is impacting Your Immune Health

2020-09-23T14:14:48-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

We live, and have always lived, in an environment rich with living organisms both macro and micro. Every day we come into contact with an incredible number of micro organisms that would like to take up residence somewhere on or in our bodies. To defend us from the nearly infinite variety of microorganisms we [...]

Preventing Cold Sores and Shingles

2020-09-16T13:36:06-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Think about the last time you had a cold sore. Was it annoying, embarrassing, painful? Cold sores are not only uncomfortable, they’re also a clear indicator of a weakened immune system. As we head into the colder autumn months amidst the uncertainty of the global pandemic, supporting a healthy immune system has never been [...]

3 Ways Gallbladder Issues are making you bloated, tired and toxic

2020-08-26T14:49:11-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

Unless you’ve had an acute gallbladder attack, you’ve probably never given much thought to your gallbladder. Yet the gallbladder plays a critical role in digestion, energy production, blood sugar balance, weight management, immune system, hormone health. And suboptimal gallbladder function is one of the most common chronic issues we see coming from our modern [...]

Health Changing Magic of Tidying Up

2020-08-12T17:57:38-07:00By |Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

How tidying up clutter improves your health Professional organizer, Marie Kondo’s international bestseller The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2014) and Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (2019) sent a shock wave through our consumer driven culture. Kondo’s signature “tidying up” process applies a sense of ritual and ceremony that we don’t [...]


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