Brio’s Most Popular Workshop Has a New Name

Spring is here! Flowers and green grass are giving our land a fresh a look, which is a great time to freshen up our look here at Brio. This includes our popular weight loss workshops, which have now been renamed to:

healthy-101-greenHealthy Living 101

This program continues to be a course with 12 weeks of classes. If losing weight is part of your path to a healthier living, than be prepared to lose weight! A healthy body will shed unwanted weight, correct inflammation and unleash energy like never before.

There are no gimmicks, magic pills, or formulas.

If you are the one who buys groceries and cooks, this course can transform your whole family’s health. If you are starting a family, this course can help you prepare for pregnancy.

If you are an athlete, we can help you get the nutrient to fuel your performance. Or if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, we can help you too!

Check our our Healthy Living 101 page – it’s part of our Brio Living philosophy.

Stay tuned for upcoming free info sessions and intakes or get on the waiting list.