It has been almost 10 years now since Dr. Neetu Dhiman and Dr. Jeffrey Lee became professional partners and opened Brio’s doors for the first time. Sharing similar values in their own practices, they were eager to share their knowledge of holistic health care with the Richmond community. In the first year, neither of them could anticipate how Brio would evolve over the years into one of Richmond’s most notable alternative health care clinics. They also couldn’t predict the incredible love and support they would receive from the patients they interacted with over their ten years.


Ten years is a very important milestone for us here at Brio. It marks ten years of providing empathetic health care to the local community. It marks ten years of guiding others through their personalized journey of growth and recovery. It marks ten years of making mistakes, learning from them, and emerging bigger and better than ever.

For the past few months we have been working on a project that’s been a bit hush-hush… until now. We think it’s about time to let the cat out of the bag and announce that we will be hosting a big celebration in honour of Brio’s ten years, and everyone’s invited!


In early June we will be opening the clinic doors and welcoming patients old-and-new, as well as their families and friends to join us for a day filled with memories, refreshments, short-talks, giveaways, and good company! Inspired by the strong sense of community and celebratory fervor of Vancouver’s Expo ’86, we have names our event Brio’s 10th Year Expo. 

Stay tuned for more details to come over the next couple of months as we put the finishing touches on the planning for the event.


Brio is looking forward to many more years of good health, and we really hope you will be able to join us for our 10 Year Expo!


All the best,


The Brio Team