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Thank You! Brio Voted Top 3 “Best Naturopath”

2020-09-27T04:34:36+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

  Hello Brio patients! Thank you for voting for us in the category of "Best Naturopath" in Richmond New's "Best of Richmond" 2020!  It has truly been an honour serving our community for so many years! It's hard to believe that we have been a part of the Richmond community for over 12 years.  It really feels like yesterday that Dr. Neetu [...]

Real Facts on COVID-19: How You Can Stay Healthy in These Uncertain Times

2020-03-15T19:45:22+00:00By |Events, Health, Health Tips|

With growing anxiety and scarcity worldwide, facts are often jumbled with fiction.  There’s a tendency toward empty talk (‘hot air’) or worse, fear mongering, when we just need reliable facts to stay informed and make responsible decisions:  COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), like MERS-CoV (2012) and SARS-CoV (2002) Estimated global mortality rate is [...]

What are the Symptoms of a Heart-Mind Imbalance?

2020-02-15T06:37:03+00:00By |Health, Health Tips|

As February is Heart Health Month, we thought it would be appropriate to go beyond focusing only on the physical heart, and to also include the “heart-mind” connection.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the heart system refers to both the physiological pump that moves blood around our body and also the mental/emotional centre.  This concept [...]

What’s a Normal Period? PART 2: A Common Cause of a Less than Ideal Period Experience and What You Can Do About It

2020-02-01T16:45:18+00:00By |Adults, Events, Health, Health Tips|

  In PART 1, I covered the basics: cycle / period length, quality, female hormones, and PMS. Now, let’s focus on the role of the liver, our primary detox organ, in balancing female hormones. An imbalance of the progesterone to estrogen ratio, specifically the condition of Estrogen Dominance (or relative Progesterone Deficiency), is at the [...]

A Kink in the Hose: Unblocking the Liver for Optimal Digestion

2020-06-09T19:46:09+00:00By |Adults, Health, Health Tips, Wellness|

It never fails to amaze me how much our body can heal and repair itself given favourable conditions. This is particularly true in gut health where I’ve had the privilege of witnessing dramatic improvements in my patients. When we take a closer look at the causes of indigestion, we often find liver issues are a [...]