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Understanding this simple TCM concept can help strengthen your immune system

2021-10-09T05:44:35+00:00By |Dr Jeff, Health, Wellness|

Have you noticed the meteoric rise in allergies, inflammatory diseases and other signs of poor immunity in the past few decades? Our immune systems are designed to protect us from environmental insults and harmful pathogens.  But, when it is confused, it can attack itself, giving rise to autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and [...]

Reduce Breast Pain and Balance Hormones

2021-09-21T20:09:55+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic, Dr Carin, Health, Health Tips|

Experiencing breast pain and soreness? Does it come and go with your cycles? Are you having breast pain for 2, 5, 7+ days before your period? Is the discomfort affecting exercise or sleep? You’re not alone! This is one of the most common symptoms my patients experience. Why is this happening? Where does it come [...]

Brio Recipe Favourites: Fun in the Sun

2021-07-16T17:09:50+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Artichoke Pasta Salad Recipe from Alton Brown Total Time: 22 minutes Herb Oil Ingredients  1/2 bunch parsley 1/2 cup packed fresh basil leaves 1/2 bunch fresh thyme 1/2 cup packed fresh oregano leaves 1/2 medium orange, zested 1 dried arbol chile 1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns 2 cups canola oil 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil Artichoke Pasta Salad 4 cups bow-tie pasta, cooked and cooled 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 3 tablespoons herb oil 1 cup grape tomatoes, split 2 tablespoons thinly [...]

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