Did you notice all those recent ads promoting running shoes?  March is the time of the year for running shoe company’s to promote their newest running shoe.

“Not all running shoes are created equal “ according to Dr. White, an orthopedics professor at Bastyr University.  He explained that most shoe companies spend millions of dollars on the aesthetics and marketing, and relatively little dollar amount on the proper fit of the shoe.  

Poorly designed shoes have terrible support and pressure points which can put you at risk for injuries including back and knee pain.    

Custom fitted orthotics offer one of the best solutions to make sure your feet are well supported in your shoes.  At Brio, we are trained to analyze your foot shape and walking motion to properly fit you with comfortable insoles.  Orthotics are not only for running shoes.  We fit patients with orthotics for their casual shoes, dance shoes, court shoes, golf shoes, and even hockey skates!

For the month of March 2012 we are offering a complimentary foot evaluation to see if custom orthotics are right for you.  Call us today as these spots will fill up soon!

Brio Health Team