Farewell to Brio from Andrea and Dannah

August 24th, 2023|

From Andrea Thank you Brio - Farewell It was really important for me to take the time to thank Brio for the wonderful experience of being part of such an amazing clinic and to also say my goodbyes. Right front the start of meeting Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff I [...]

Farewell to Brio from Ashley, Rav and Dario

August 14th, 2023|

From Ashley and Rav, As we sat down and began writing this letter, we were met with a mixture of emotions that words can hardly capture. It’s difficult to talk about the good times, when you have never truly experienced the bad. At one point in time, we were [...]

Farewell to Brio from Dr Carin

August 9th, 2023|

Dear Brio, It feels like just yesterday when we first crossed paths, you a burgeoning naturopathic clinic in Richmond, and I, a fresh graduate from naturopathic school. Looking back on the incredible journey of the past 11 years, I can't help but feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude and [...]

Farewell to Brio from Linda

August 2nd, 2023|

This is not goodbye! Big changes ahead for all of us at Brio. If you have been receiving and reading any correspondence from Brio Integrated Health Centre, you might be aware that there are some big changes ahead. The Brio family is moving away from each other but not [...]

Farewell to Brio from Dr. Neetu

July 26th, 2023|

Farewell to my beloved Brio, You took me on a legendary journey from my head to my heart, and for this I will forever be grateful.  If I look at Brio as not just a clinic but almost a loving mirror, Brio provided everything I needed, perfectly timed and [...]

Farewell to Brio from Dr. Jeff

July 20th, 2023|

Farewell Brio Blog As we near the last month of Brio Integrative Health Centre, we interviewed several of the Team Members and asked them some parting questions. Today we ask Dr. Jeff a few questions: Dr. Jeff, you have been with Brio since the very beginning. I’m sure there [...]