Join us at Brio for the last of our seminar series for 2018.

On Dec 6th at 6:30pm, Dr. Neetu will be hosting an interactive seminar discussing Absorption vs.  Supplementation.

Beginning with our 10-year Anniversary Expo, 2018 has been a great year of connecting with the Brio community and we are finishing off strong. This philosophy of care is core to the backbone of Brio and is our mode of care.  

Let’s use the analogy of a garden.  The garden being the cellular health of the individual. Imagine that the garden’s soil is quite unhealthy, dry, lack of hydration, lack of nutrients.  And, there are weeds growing in said, garden. 

Quite often our health care is primed to simply remove the weeds and send us on our way.  However, in this state, if a weed is removed the stage is still set and primed for more weed growth.  The weed may grow back in the same area or it may grow in another area of the garden.

The weed is the RESULT of the poor state of the soil.

Sprinkling fresh nutrients onto this soil will not heal the garden.  It can help, but once the nutrients are discontinued, we are still left with a terrible soil status.

Our philosophy is to focus on the soil.  Focus on turning over the soil, with light, hydration, rest, removal of toxins, parasites, bacterial and viral overgrowth.  Bring the soil back to life and the weeds will cease to survive.

The thriving, nourished soil required many steps of drainage and turn over, BEFORE being able to accept nutrient dense supplementation.

In this seminar we will discuss the analogy of the garden: 

  • what exactly in our bodies does the soil represent
  • what in our bodies, do the weeds represent
  • what 5 pillars need to be addressed to optimize absorption from the food we eat
  • what might be the result or lack of supplementing on ill soil; perhaps there is a waste of time and money.  
  • Learn to optimize absorption and how to pin-point supplementation
We look forward to having you join our final series of the year– and bring your questions! There will be time to ask them.
Seating is limited, please call 604-271-9355 to reserve your spot!
In health,
Dr. Neetu