I no longer have a specific weight goal, because this way of eating became more about principals, and nothing to do with weightloss, and surprisingly, nothing to do with “willpower”. As someone who had been overweight their whole life, willpower seemed to be something that completely eluded me.  I could not understand why I could not find within myself the willpower to lose weight, or if I did, to find the willpower to keep it off.  I gave up, now, in my 50’s I was not going to discover willpower,

However, I had intestinal issues, constant heartburn, acid reflex, fatigue and a constellation of symptoms, that while not alarming, I was tired of experiencing them.  So I started exploring whole food diets as a means in which to deal with the digestive issues.

Along came Healthy Eating 101.  I had started using more and more whole food ingredients and wanted to know more about a whole food philosophy.   In addition, because I support local farming and have a farm to table philosophy, this way of eating also fit with my personal philosophies.  I had been incorporating more and more organic choices into my life over the years, but weight loss was something that I could not achieve, and quite frankly I was tired of dieting, I had done them all. No more counting calories for me, no weighing or measuring.  I accepted that I was to be overweight.

I have a sweet tooth and I eat something sweet every day.  Except now, I eat good dark chocolate, organic, cacao nibs, I have chocolate chia pudding, I make my own yummy mocha cacao protein bars.  I was happily roasting local grown organic veggies, which always taste better.  I started eating only ethically raised animals, no antibiotics, no growth hormones.  The meat also tasted better.  So I was not depriving myself of anything.  In fact, everything I was eating tasted so much better.  For once in my life I did not need willpower.  I loved food and I was not going to give it up.  I was just going to make sure that the food I was eating met those principals, that meant something to me.

The program helped me learn the how to fuel my body properly.  The foods I crave now, are not processed.  In fact, processed foods simply taste horrible to me now, I don’t need willpower to stay away from them.  I recently went through a difficult time in my life and in the past, this would have been when my “willpower” would have failed me, in fact, I likely would have gained even more weight even if I had stuck to a diet, which under stress would not have happened likely.

However, through this difficult period, I did not gain one pound. It wasn’t because I had found willpower, that still eludes me, it was because I stuck by a set of principles and I continued to eat good food.  Did I seek out comfort food, yes I did, I made roasted vegetable lasagna, with garlic spelt toast.  Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chia pudding for dessert.  On the rough days, I did soothe myself with food, yes, but it was good organic, wholesome, and amazing tasting food. I was not 5 pounds heavier, after a weekend of indulging. Or criticizing myself for losing my “willpower”.  I satisfied a need with good ingredients.

No matter where I was emotionally, I was eating good healthy and well sourced ingredients.  I was not depriving myself and in tough times, I did soothe myself with food when I wanted to, it just had to be the right ingredients.  The bonus by living by these principals was that the weight also started coming off.  For me, when I stopped dieting and lived by principals, I did not need willpower.

I am still not a size 2 and maybe never will be, but I enjoy eating and feel better for it.   I have lost weight and slowly to continue to do so.  If I want to accelerate it, I know where to cut back a bit without feeling deprived, or needing willpower. Really just a bit more prep work usually.   I will do this journey slowly, eating magnificent food all the way to the finish line.  I am 60 pounds lighter because I gave up dieting and started eating by a set of principles.  So much easier to follow!




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