36 Hour Sprouted Granola — Fresh from Dr. Neetu’s “Pandemic Pantry”

Dr. Neetu shows you how to make Sprouted Granola at home.

While store-bought granola is convenient, it’s also fun and gratifying to make your own raw, sprouted granola at home! In this video, Dr. Neetu shows step-by-step how easy it can be to make a healthy, crunchy granola with basic pantry goods.

The full process can take up to 36 hours, but almost all of it is spent passively waiting for the mixture to sprout and dehydrate. You actually only need ~5 (max 10) minutes a day for the active prep time. The first 24 hours is a breeze, but the last 12 hours may leave you salivating as the rich buttery aroma of granola, drying in your oven, wafts through your home.

Since it’s baked at a low temperature, all the enzymes, vitamins, and fatty acids in the oats, yogurt, and honey remain intact imparting a distinct tangy note. Unlike some conventional granolas, this recipe has healthy fats and only a faint hint of sweetness making it more suitable for those on a Low-Glycemic Diet. It tastes good on its own and makes a great addition to yogurt parfaits, fruit, ice-cream, etc. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup later, when it comes time to dig in!

Consider making a double batch (if you have the oven space) and double your reward! What new ways can you think of to use granola? Any good flavour spins on the basic recipe? Artisanal sprouted granola is only a day away!