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Brio 10 Year Expo: Looking Back in Time

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, Dr. Jeffrey Lee and Dr. Neetu Dhiman have shared some of thoughts looking back at the evolution of Brio over the years. What were you doing before Brio? Dr. Neetu:  I began my practice in 2003 in an amazingly beautiful naturopathic practice in Yaletown. This practice was, I [...]

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Liver Loving Salad

Spring is the long awaited time of transitioning from cold winter to warm spring. The days are getting longer and warmer! We are gardening, flowers are blooming, local produce is booming. Spring brings a sense of renewal and new life all around. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say spring is the time of the liver. [...]

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Massage and Your Liver

The liver is an indispensable organ and its proper function is vital to a personal wellbeing and overall health. The stresses of our modern daily lives place extra demands on it which can impact its proper functioning over the long term. There are different modalities of massage that can benefit the liver. It can be [...]

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Invisible pollution: Being aware of electromagnetic radiation

Invisible pollution is referring to Electromagnetic Radiation. EMR is summarized as the electronic pollution, which we can’t see with the naked eye. EMR comes from, anything that is plugged in: TV’s, lamps, techie gadgets, microwaves, toaster, kettle; cell phones; wireless internet; lap tops etc. As indicated in the book Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman, our bodies are [...]

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