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Brio Heritage Blog: Kyra’s Family Inspiration

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I love family get-togethers, so Collin and I are hosting it this year for our families and it got me thinking how important they all are to us and how influential they have been. Speaking for myself, there are so many wonderful influences.  My Dad’s parents were both social [...]

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Breaking Down – “Breaking Bread”

Michael Pollan is a well-known author and modern day activist in our current food revolution.  He has several books published on food, comparing traditional cultures and nutrition, as compared to the modern day Western Diet.  You may have heard of a few of his most popular books:  “In Defense of Food,” and “An Omnivores  Dilemma.” [...]

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My Journey to Genetic Testing

In the 90’s I remember hearing about scientists working on sequencing the entire human genome. I thought it sounded like an impossible task - how could we map out human potential? I was certain that if we identified our individual genetic blueprints, then this would be the most powerful tool ever created by modern medicine. [...]

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Tips for a full tummy after a big Thanksgiving meal

Dr. Dhiman has some great tips for keeping your tummy happy and healthy for the next big meal, such as Thanksgiving around the corner. Enjoy these tips, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional support. 1) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)– a distressed stomach’s best friend.  One to two teaspoons in 1/2 a [...]

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