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Healthy Living 101 Info Session Dates!

We are so excited to announce after taking a break throughout the summer we will be launching Healthy Living 101 this September. It will be the last program for 2017, so don’t miss the chance to register!  Healthy Living 101 is a program designed to dispel confusing information regarding health, well being, and diet related [...]

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Brio Welcomes Matylda to the World!

Matylda was born on April 11th, 2017. When people ask how the birth was, we say with laugh that it was anything but natural even though that was initial the plan. It’s funny how things go that we plan so carefully and it might change, right? The whole pregnancy was very enjoyable with no major [...]

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Brio Heritage Series: Dr. Carin

I’ve been told that I seem like a contradiction: I’m passionate about health and nutrition yet I’m the resident chocolate monster, happy to celebrate an occasion with a decadent dessert. I don’t shy away from manually-intensive projects but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on a treadmill. To me, [...]

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Linda celebrates 20 years of her career!

It's kind of hard to fathom, really, the distance of time, the increments of experiences which measure out the length of twenty years. I was pondering that when it was my time to collect my "20 year pin" with a few other colleagues at this years' Massage Therapist Association of B.C's Annual General Meeting back [...]

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Brio Heritage Series: Dr. Neetu

The Doctor lies Within: A conversation with my dad, Paramjit Dhiman I have studied health and healing for what seems like my entire life.  Growing up in our household, my family and my grandparents always discussed health, food, the season, herbs, roots, spices, and karma or energy: what you put out into the world will come [...]

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