As another year comes to a close, we take a few moments to reflect on 2017, and open the door to the excitement of what 2018 may bring.  What a year it has been.  Each year at Brio we strive to refine, and grow, and re-commit to our purpose of providing high quality health care to our community.  Each of us at Brio have committed to individual growth, which is something I’m extremely proud of.  I always say, the patient can only heal as deep as the practitioner has gone themselves.

As we reflect on this year, several highlighted events stand out.

  • Our very own RMT extraordinaire Linda, celebrated her 20th year in practice.
  • Dario and his wife Radkha became parents in 2017, welcoming Baby Matylda to the world.
  • Carin had several personal and professional highlights, making 2017 a year she can be extremely proud of; and we are so excited to be able to share in her joy.happy new year
  • Kyra continues to wear several hats at Brio, managing a quickly expanding clinic while making each patient a priority; as well as coaching others to transform their lives with another successful year of Healthy Living 101.
  • Jeff had a year expansion, deepening his practice with studying genetic testing and cellular drainage. Continuing to dedicate mornings to self-study and enhancing his practice.
  • As for me, this was another year of deep diving into my own personal healing. However this year embracing the theme Mastery.  Every other year, I still very much still felt a patient in my own healing journey.  2017 marks the shift of dipping my toe into Mastery vs. Patient.
  • We cannot be complete without mentioning the transition of our Office Admin Dynamo Laura. We wish her much luck and blessings on this next leg of her career.


And last but certainly not least, Dec 2017 marked the completion of our 7 part collective titled, “The Heritage Series.”  Each and every member of Brio has a passion for healing that is palpable.  There is a deep desire to treat from purpose, passion and integrity.

Starting the month of May 2017 we embarked on a series of stories from each member to explore the origins of this passion.  What drives us each day; what makes us jump out of bed in the morning; what and who shaped our reality of what healing means.

The conclusion of our Heritage Series in Dec 2017, was perfectly timed.  The purpose of the series was to plant seeds of “our story” in celebration of an exciting event coming May 2018.  The announcement of our 10-year Anniversary!

In a society programmed for instant gratification and quick success and magic bullet cures; to go against the grain and create a labor of love, Brio came to be.  Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff were counseled repeatedly that a deep-rooted treatment and service-based clinic would not make it.  Yet we continued on day in and day out, and we are beyond thrilled to be a part of your healing journey for a decade.

Be sure to follow along closely; there will be announcements and fun social media blitz’s for a really special event.

Thank you 2017, it was a profound year of learning.

Thank you to all of our patients, family and friends for your support.  We are successful because of you and your decision to share your health journey with us.  We wish you all a joyful 2018. 


In health,

Dr. Neetu and all of us here at Brio