What to expect for this Cold and Flu Season

2016-11-18T11:03:57+00:00By |Health Tips|

Several reports have predicted this season’s flu strain to be particularly severe.  Deciding whether to have a flu shot is a personal decision but sometimes a controversial one, as experts don’t always agree on the effectiveness of these vaccines* (see below for an article citing new research on the long-term effects of annual flu vaccinations). [...]

Adding Acupuncture to Your Cold & Flu Survival Kit

2016-11-04T07:00:55+00:00By |Health Tips|

You’ve probably noticed (or experienced!) that cold and flu season is in full swing. In fact, many people have already been sick multiple times this season! A lot of people know that acupuncture benefits back and neck pain, joint injury, and muscle tension. However, did you know, that many patients find acupuncture beneficial in supporting [...]

Watch this CBC presentation on Low Level Laser Therapy & Brain Injuries

2016-11-01T14:54:06+00:00By |Brio News, Events|

As Dario and I have been preparing for our Concussion & Low Level Laser Therapy Talk on November 3rd, the media has been buzzing a lot about concussions and brain injuries. In early October, Sydney Crosby  suffered yet another concussion during a practice. He delayed playing a full game until he was 100% ready, which many athletes [...]