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Our Solar-Powered Bodies

In the movie, Superman soars above the clouds and recovers his (super)powers while basking in sunlight. I often think of this movie clip when it’s sunny outside because I too feel energized by sunlight. Is that the effect of vitamin D? Or does sunlight activate another process? Here’s an interesting study supporting our Superman-like ability to use sunlight [...]

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That Vitamin Movie: Highlights and top questions answered

Thank you for all who joined us for the documentary "That Vitamin Movie" during our Naturopathic Medicine Week National Campaign. Here are some highlights from the movie: Dr. Lee He really liked the interview with Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD. She specializes in psychiatry and has seen some radical changes in patients mental and emotional health [...]

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Staying Hydrated

Vancouver has been spoiled with all the beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures. Perhaps you're getting outside playing more sports and being more active and have noticed that you are having to drink more water. However, have you been drinking enough water to stay adequately hydrated? Water is the most important thing that our body requires to [...]

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